Program Selection

B.A. Program Options

For the Bachelor of Arts degree, complete any of the following four options:

  1. The Multi-track system:
    • Select the following (from at least two different academic units):
      • At least one Major concentration; and
      • At least one Minor concentration (unless enrolled in two Major concentrations)
      • Note for U0 students: Select courses from a variety of areas in your first year, from where you will be able to narrow your program choices later.
      • Note for all students: you may enrol in as many as four different Major and Minor Concentrations.
  2. Honours programs:
    • You must satisfy specific departmental and Faculty requirements while maintaining strong academic standing (CGPA thresholds vary by program).
    • Honours programs demand a high degree of specialisation and are designed to prepare you for graduate study within a specific discipline.
    • NOTE: You must also complete a Minor concentration in a different academic discipline.
  3. Joint Honours programs:
    • These allow you to study at the Honours level in two disciplines, combining Joint Honours components from any two Arts disciplines.
  4. Faculty program;
    • This is an approved selection of courses constituting a concentration in an intellectually coherent and inter-faculty field of studies.

Selecting Your Programs.

Step 1: Choose an area that fits your general academic interests and background. Your undergraduate bachelor's degree is intended to serve as a general preliminary step in the pursuit of major career or educational goals.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the academic regulations of the Faculty of Arts. An intended course plan may not be feasible if it requires the completion of too many credits from other faculties, or if it is not listed in the eCalendar.

Step 3: Enter your programs on Minerva by the listed periods for making program changes.

If you are undecided, consider the following:

  • What are your preferred subjects, and in which departmental programs are they featured?
  • Have you previously completed courses in these disciplines?
  • Which programs contain more than one of these subjects?
  • Is there a program which stands out to you above all others?
  • Is an Honours or Faculty program a viable option for you?
  • Do you still have room for electives in your degree?
  • Which programs are related to your vocational or personal interests?
  • What are your academic and career goals? Are there certain academic prerequisites that must be completed to pursue these?
  • Are you seeking to develop or refine certain skills (analytical reasoning, writing, verbal communication, teamwork, independent work, laboratory research, computer skills, etc.)?
  • Are there program requirements which will serve to help you focus on weak points (eg.: are you interested in a program requiring statistics, despite not being strong in math)?

If you are still unsure about you program choice:

It is possible to change programs, if necessary, when you have consulted with Departmental advisors and Faculty academic advisors!

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