MIMM 509 Inflammatory Processes



This seminar/reading and conference course concentrates on the innate immune response, autoimmunity, and current research into the inflammatory response, areas not adequately covered by the other immunology courses presented at the University. This course promotes interactions between guest researchers (from McGill and other universities) and students. Please note there is a cap of 17 students. Classes are given at the LymanDuffBuilding.

3 credits - Winter Term
Recommended Prerequisite: Immunology MIMM 314
Recommended Co-requisites: Cellular Immunology PHGY 513; Advanced Immunology MIMM 414

Course Coordinators

Dr. Joyce Rauch
Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, Block E (EM2.3244)
Tel: (514) 934-1934, ext. 42149
Email: joyce.rauch [at] mcgill.ca

Dr. Giovanni Di Battista
Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, Block E (EM2.3232)
Tel: (514) 934-1934, ext. 34401
Email: john.dibattista [at] mcgill.ca



  • 20% on oral presentation
  • 20% term paper
  • 25% on presentation of the assigned papers
  • 10% on class participation
  • 25% on midterm examination



  • 2 assigned papers per session



  • cellular changes/response to injury
  • inflammatory mediators
  • acute phase response
  • spectrum of diseases with an inflammatory component







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