New Students

Student Registration & Program Information

  • U0 and U1 students should review: 1) the new student information section on the Faculty of Science website, 2) the registration information on the McGill Accepted Students page, and 3) the First Year at McGill website.
  • U1 students should review the program information in the programs section of our website and follow the suggested registration plans found below (scroll down).
  • Students with course exemptions for any required program course(s) (e.g. CHEM 212, MATH 203, etc.) have the option to take a different program course in place of a required course(s) or an elective/Minor program course(s).
  • U0 students who are interested in selecting MIMM as their program in U1 or U1 students who must complete the Science Freshman Program requirements in their first year should take note of the program-specific information found on the Science Office for Undergraduate Advising (SOUSA) website when selecting courses.
  • Questions on advanced standing/courses exemptions, program selection options or general degree-planning and requirements, should be directed to SOUSA. Students can book a virtual advising session with an advisor by emailing: [at]
  • All B.Sc. students are assigned to a specific SOUSA advisor. This information is available in the student unofficial transcript section in Minerva.
  • It is important to review the McGill Registration page for information on how to navigate the registration process in Minerva.

Important Notes

  • Students should create a schedule for both the Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 semesters. Please use the information on this page as a guide when registering for classes.
  • It is important to register for classes during the Fall/Winter registration periods. McGill course registration dates can be found here.
  • Students can can make course adjustments and changes to their class schedule up to the add/drop deadlines for each semester.
  • Students should book an appointment with a SOUSA advisor and attend our new student orientation session when planning their course schedule for the academic year.
  • For information on MIMM undergraduate program requirements, course registration, program planning, study away or exchanges, review the Academic Advising & Orientation section of our website. 
  • Below is an example of a U1 course schedule. Students can use this schedule as a guide when creating their course schedule for the academic year: 
Fall   Winter  
Course Credits Course Credits
MIMM 211 – Biology of Microorganisms 3 MIMM 214 – Introduction to Immunology 3
MIMM 212 – Laboratory in Microbiology 3 BIOL 202 - Basic Genetics 3
BIOL 200 – Molecular Biology 3 CHEM 222 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry 2 4
CHEM 212 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry 1 4

BIOL 201 - Cell Biology & Metabolism OR

BIOC 212 - Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function

Elective OR Complementary course 3 Elective OR Complementary course 3



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