Study Away and Exchanges

Studying away from McGill is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity whose benefits can go far beyond academic learning. The opportunity to study at another university can add significant dimensions to your undergraduate education by enabling you to develop broader perspectives on your fields of study, to enhance skills in cross-cultural communication and critical thinking applicable to your everyday life and provide you with a chance for personal growth. Our Department's student exchange programs are organized by the Faculty of Science, and we invite you to consult their website for more information.  

Opportunities for Field Study & Study Abroad

Besides the many academic resources McGill offers on campus, there are also unparalleled opportunities to enrich your educational experience through exchange programs, internships, field study programs, and McGill courses taught off-campus and abroad. The following sections provide information regarding opportunities in the following categories:

  • Field Study Semesters and Off-Campus Courses - participate in programs and courses offered by McGill University in local, regional, and international settings as a complement to classroom learning.
  • Internships and Co-op Programs - participate in partnerships offered through McGill to gain valuable on-the-job knowledge in your field.
  • Exchange Programs - study at one of McGill's partner universities while earning credit at McGill, and paying McGill tuition.
  • Independent Study Away - Independently study away at another university while earning credit at McGill. Tuition is paid directly to the host university.

Global Learning Opportunities 

For more details regarding the global learning opportunities offered to McGill students as well as application procedures, deadlines and eligibility criteria visit the McGill Abroad website.

Funding Opportunities for Going Abroad

Awards and financial assistance are available to students to help with the cost of going abroad. Further information, as well as application deadlines and eligibility, can be found in the following sections and on the McGill Abroad website.


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