Funding & Awards

McGill University offers a number of financial support programs for undergraduate students through scholarships and awards.

  • Faculty scholarships and awards are made by the individual Faculty Scholarships Committees, and students should consult the appropriate section of the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar for regulations and information concerning these awards.
  • Through the generous fundraising efforts of the Steinman family, the Department is fortunate to have the Science Undergraduate and Research Awards (SURA) to support undergraduate research.
  • The SURA program is offered through the Faculty of Science.  These awards are open and available to students supervised by MIMM faculty members.
  • The number of awards are determined by the income produced on the endowment.
  • Typically two awards are offered based on the following guidelines for the Ralph Steinman SURA.
  • Here are some of the guidelines for this type of award:
    • SURAs are treated as a student award (granted on the basis of merit, not research) in the selection process
    • Preference will be given to students in MIMM
    • Eligible students must be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program
    • The research focus of the project should be sound and doable
    • Applicants are ranked and reviewed by the department and awardees are then contacted to formally accept the award. 
    • Please note there are stewardship requirements for the recipients of the awards.
  • Most undergraduate scholarships and awards are granted on the basis of sessional GPA and applications are not required unless specifically indicated in the terms of the award.
  • To be considered automatically for in-course awards and/or the renewal of entrance scholarships, students must complete at least 27 graded credits in a degree program during the regular academic session exclusive of courses completed under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option. Summer courses are not considered
  • For more information, please consult the Scholarships and Student Aid Office and Faculty of Science SURA website. 
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