Academic Advising & Orientation

Student Affairs Advising (Fall and Winter term)

Welcome U1's! Advising sessions will take place online. If you would like to book an advising session with Carmen Paez, Student Affairs Officer, click here.

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Online appointments:

Online advising appointments are held through MS Teams (works on mobile, desktop, or through a browser).

You can find the calendar of available times over the next two weeks and book an online appointment here.

*If you're in a time zone which means none of the appointments showing work for you, email me and we'll find some other options.

By email:

You can carmen.paezmendoza [at] (email me) with your advising questions and I'll get back to you as soon as I can (usually 2-3 working days, longer during peak periods like registration and Add/Drop).


You will find the PowerPoint Presentation of the Orientation Session here. U0s and U1s were invited to attend the Departmental Orientation Session TBA.

Here is what your class schedule might look like as a U1:

Fall   Winter  
Course Credits Course Credits
MIMM 211 – Biology of Microorganisms 3 MIMM 214 – Introduction to Immunology 3
MIMM 212 – Laboratory in Microbiology 3 BIOL 202 - Basic Genetics 3
BIOL 200 – Molecular Biology 3 CHEM 222 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry 2 4
CHEM 212 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry 1 4

BIOL 201 - Cell Biology & Metabolism OR

BIOC 212 - Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Function

Elective OR Complementary course 3 Elective OR Complementary course 3

Please remember that this schedule can be revised before the ADD/DROP period.

For any questions concerning your undergraduate studies in Microbiology & Immunology, you are invited to schedule a meeting with carmen.paezmendoza [at] (Carmen Aimee) (Room 501, Duff Building) during the advising drop-in hours. If you are not available during these times, please email me including your McGill ID number for an appointment.


Academic Year 2021-2022.

Chief Academic Advisor
Prof. Benoit Cousineau
514-398-8929 or 514-398-8882  - benoit.cousineau [at]

Course registration, Program Planning, Study Away and Exchange Advisor
Carmen Aimee Paez 
514-398-3915 - carmen.paezmendoza [at]

Medical School Application Advisor
Prof. Dalius Briedis
514-398-3925 - dalius.briedis [at]

Information for students thinking about applying to medical school after their BSc degree.





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