MIMM 496D1,2 Microbiology Advanced Research Project


This two-semester course is intended for undergraduate Science students who want a rigorous research experience beyond that of a one semester course (MIMM 396/397) and who are unlikely to take the Honours Research Project course (MIMM 501/502). MIMM 496 provides more opportunities to research a specific field, to more fully test a hypothesis and to engage with McGill scientists. This course contains a significant research component that requires substantial supervised research work by the student and the submission of two written reports worth 50% of the final grade. The Supervisors’ evaluation of the students’ research performance will determine the remaining 50% of the final grade. Application for MIMM 496 requires the permission of the lab supervisor and students are advised to directly contact the lab supervisors as early as possible.

6 Credits – Consecutive Fall, Winter or Summer Terms
Pre-requisites: MIMM 212, MIMM384, MIMM385 (or equivalent)

Course Coordinator

Dr. Gregory T. Marczynski
Duff Medical Building
Room 506A
Tel: (514) 398-3917
gregory.marczynski [at] mcgill.ca


Course Content & Form to complete

MIMM 496 Course Outline Fall 2018

PDF icon form_mimm_496_497.pdf

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