MIMM 214 Introductory Immunology: Elements of Immunity


The curriculum in Immunology is structured as a ribbon of courses extending from U1 to U3.  In each of these years, there is a corresponding Immunology course that provides an introduction to the discipline (MIMM214), a mechanistic approach to Immunology (MIMM314) and an advanced exposure to current topics in Immunology (MIMM414).

MIMM214 is an introductory course providing an entry-level exposure to Immunology to a broad range of students: from those in a general science program to those going into Microbiology and Immunology as field of specialization. 

As an introductory course, it emphasizes the description of molecular and cellular elements of the immune system, and their basic function.  Emphasis is also placed in the biological context in which these elements operate to provide immunity and how the impairments of their function may result in diseases.

The course will provide the required basis to tackle subsequent more advanced courses in Immunology. 

3 credits - Winter Term
Co-requisite: BIOL201 or ANAT212/BIOC212


Course Coordinator

Jasmin Chahal, Ph.D.
Duff Medical Building, Room 408A
jasmin.chahal [at] mcgill.ca


  • Required course for U1 Microbiology & Immunology students.
  • Required course for Major Neuroscience (Stream A) students.
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