MIMM 414 Advanced Immunology


This is an advanced course that builds on knowledge and skills acquired in MIMM214 and MIMM314. The course focuses on training students to understand and practice a rational scientific thinking process in the field of Immunology research. Selected cutting-edge topics of clinically and scientifically relevant research topics are chosen by the lecturers and short introductory notes will be delivered. In addition, primary research papers will be discussed in a structured and guided manner in small discussion groups.

3 credits - Fall Term
Pre-requisites: Immunology MIMM314

Course Coordinator
Dr. Jörg H. Fritz
Bellini Pavilion, Room 371
Phone: 514-398-1707
email: jorg.fritz [at] mcgill.ca

Dr. Jörg H. Fritz
Orsolya Lapohos






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