Library Research Project in Microbiology (MIMM 499) and Immunology (MIMM 498)


This research course involves supervised exploration of the current scientific literature on an assigned topic of an advanced nature and submission of a term paper for evaluation. Upon consultation with the course coordinator, the student can choose or will be assigned a Professor of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology with appropriate expertise within the general areas of Bacteriology, Virology, Immunology or Parasitology to act as their supervisor. The Professor, in consultation with the student and the course coordinator, will assign a research topic, supervise the students’ library research and evaluate the written term paper.

This course can only be taken in U3

1 credit, 3 hours per week, U3 Fall or U3 Winter term.
Pre-requisites: Molecular Microbiology Lab MIMM 384, Lab in Immunology MIMM 385, Bacteriology MIMM 323, Virology MIMM 324, Immunology MIMM 314


Course Coordinator

Dr. Silvia Vidal
McGill Life Sciences Complex
Bellini Building, Room 367
Tel: (514) 398-2362
Fax: (514) 398-7052
silvia.vidal [at] (Email)

The term paper shall be a review of original papers in the recent scientific literature on the assigned topic. Recent literature published within the last 5 years shall include a minimum of 10 to 20 journal articles from which you will select, display and discuss relevant data.


The written text of the term paper shall be a minimum of 10 numbered pages with 1-inch margins, 1 ½ line-spacing and 12-point type Times New Roman font. The paper will include a Title page, Introduction, Results and Discussion, Summary, Reference list and any appendices. The title page, list of references, and data tables or figures that you refer to in your discussion should be appended to the paper but are not included in the 10 page text limit. Submit copies of your paper to your supervisor and the course coordinator by the last day of classes in the term.


The term paper will be graded out of 100% by your term paper supervisor and one other Professor based on organization, clarity or expression, completeness of coverage of the topic, neatness in preparing the text and illustrations, proper citation of references and formatting of the reference list, and evidence of a comprehensive search for recent and relevant papers in the literature. Supervisors must submit their grades to the course coordinator by the end of the examination period.
MIMM 498/499 Term paper evaluation worksheet
[MIMM498_499Term_paper_evaluation_worksheet.xls - MS Excel - 35.5 KB]

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