2023 Admissions

Academic Records from Examination Boards (e.g., test results)

Where applicable, certain exam results may be requried of you.

Submitting MCAT® results

N.B. ► MCAT results may not be required for all applicants.  Consult the MCAT Policy for details.

Where applicable, MCAT results can be submitted by the MCAT Testing History (MCAT THx) system. Your file is then matched to these results based on the MCAT testing ID you provided on the McGill web application.  It is understood that submitted MCAT results are to be used in the review of your application as per the MCAT Policy.  Consult the policy to determine if the MCAT is required or optional for your admissions category, and how the results are used in each case. 

We require your MCAT result by the November 1st deadline.  The last test date to receive your MCAT results for November is September.

Submitting AP® exam, A-Level, French Baccalauréate, International Baccalauréate results

In the case where applicants received credit for basic science courses which are pre-requisites for admission from advanced secondary systems such as those mentioned, official test results may be required.  If requested, official copies should be sent from the examination board directly to the address below.

For International Medical Graduate applicants:
Submitting MCCQE1 results

International medical graduates applying to the MDCM for IMG program are required to upload their supporting documents via Minerva. IMG applicants must give permission to have their MCCQE1 test scores released to the Office of Admissions via the Medical Council of Canada's Physician Apply web portal.

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