2024 Admissions

Medical College Admissions Test® (MCAT®)


As of the 2024 admission cycle, the MCAT is no longer required for candidates who have completed their bachelor's degree outside of Canada. As a result, no candidates applying to an undergraduate medical program at McGill University require the MCAT. 

Candidates who have an MCAT score: Please note that there is no place to submit an MCAT score on the MDCM application; it will not be considered in the selection process, and does not need to be released to McGill University.

Note: MCAT required for U.S. Government Loan Eligibility

Applicants with American citizenship or permanent residency, who are applying for U.S. Direct Loans (Title IV) now or at any point during their degree, must submit their MCAT score report with their admission application to be eligible for loan disbursement. Contact the admissions office if you need to submit your report with your application for this purpose. It will not be used in the MDCM selection process.


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