2024 Admissions

Requirements for Med-P Qualifying Year


As of the fall 2024 admission cycle, candidates can complete their DEC in a maximum of 3 years, please see details in note below 

Applicants to the Med-P Qualifying Year must:

  • Be recognized residents of Québec;
  • From the onset of collegial studies, be enrolled in only one of these following Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) programs:
    • Science (200.B0, 200.B1) 
    • Combined science programs ''Double DEC'' (200.11, 200.12, 200.13, 200.15, 200.16)-note that the global R score including both programs is used in the academic assessment) 
    • Science + International Baccalaureate ''IB DEC'' (200.10), ''200.Z0''
    • Sciences, Lettres et Arts (700.A0), ''700.A1''
    • French Baccalaureate at a Quebec institution only (*2)
  • Be in the final year of collegial studies and obtain (by July 31 of the entering year) a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in one of the stated programs;
  • Complete the DEC in a maximum of 3 years.

    Note: The majority of competitive applicants will complete the DEC in the expected 2 years and be full-time according to the regulations of their institution in each Fall and Winter semester, however this measure allows flexibility for some part-time terms or leaves that prevent completing the program. Common situations include but are not limited to: starting in a bridging (tremplin) program or in another pre-university DEC, issues with availability of required courses at your institution, Double-DEC, Sports-Études, medical withdrawal from a course or a semester, taking 5 courses in one semester and 7 in another, or other extenuating circumstances. Candidates should only select “extenuating circumstances” in the online application and submit their letter and documentation if they did not complete the DEC in 3 years, or if their circumstances had a temporary impact on their usual level of academic achievement. Do not submit a letter if only the credit load per semester or overall length of DEC (beyond 3 years) were impacted.
  • In addition to all other program requirements, candidates must have successfully completed and achieved the competency codes for the following courses by the time the DEC is granted:


    Science DEC

    Arts & Science DEC

    IB DEC


    NYA (00UK), General Biology II (00XU)

    01Y5, 01YJ

    a minimum of two courses (5.32 credits)

    Chemistry (General and Organic)

    NYA (00UL), NYB (00UM), Organic Chemistry I (00XV)

    01Y6, 01YH

    three courses (8.00 credits), including Organic Chemistry


    NYA (00UR), NYB (00US), NYC (00UT)

    01Y7 and one of either (01YF or 01YG)

    two courses (5.32 credits)


    NYA (00UN), NYB (00UP), NYC (00UQ);

    01Y1, 01Y2, 01Y4;

    two courses (5.32 credits)

For more information on these codes and their requirements, please contact your CEGEP academic advising office.

Applicants to the Med-P Qualifying Year must not:

  • Have taken any of the prerequisite courses listed above outside of a regular Fall or Winter semester;
  • Have registered in any other post-secondary program (*1)
  • Note that grade 12 programs, including those in Quebec (for example Stanstead, or LCC including IB Diploma) are not accepted as a basis of application to Med-P.

(*1) Exceptions made for students who graduated from the DEC in a Fall term, and began a new post-secondary program the following Winter (i.e. in the Winter term they are submitting their application to Med-P); academic performance from the new program is not considered; no more than 1 semester of study is permitted.

(*2) Quebec residents enrolled in a French Baccalaureate program located in Quebec are eligible; both years (première and terminale) must be undertaken in Quebec, the candidate must complete all “complements Québécois” for the Cegep-equivalent prerequisites listed above, which must be reflected on the course attestation provided by the school, along with an R score.




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