Choosing McGill

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As a premiere medical school in a wonderfully diverse and cosmopolitan setting, McGill has deep roots in its community. Community is a hard to define concept, but for McGill, this could equally encompass the city of Montreal through its commitment to serving local vulnerable populations, the province and nation through its commitment to excellence in training, and indeed, the world through the high quality biomedical research undertaken here.

A diverse student body and a world-class city

In applying to the Faculty of Medicine at McGill, you have an opportunity to join Canada's oldest and best known medical school. You will be surrounded by a diverse student body and a world class faculty renowned for pioneering research and outstanding clinical practice. Situated in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, McGill will also allow you to benefit from the university's association with numerous international networks.

Outstanding medical education

The McGill Faculty of Medicine works closely with a number of Montreal's best hospitals, allowing students to learn first-hand the clinical and ethical dimensions of patient care. At the same time, the school's commitment to research and theory provides opportunities to study with professors who are at the very forefront of new and innovative practice. The study of medicine at McGill is further complemented by the university's all-around strengths in the basic sciences.

State of the art facilities

The Faculty of Medicine offers numerous advanced facilities, including the Simulation Centre where students practice intricate surgical procedures and interview mock patients. At the same time, McGill's affiliated teaching hospitals allow students to work within four hospitals, including the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), one of the most comprehensive university health centres in North America.

Reputation for excellence

The McGill medical degree possesses considerable international recognition, allowing graduates a wide range of specialist and academic opportunities. At the same time, the school's excellent clinical reputation ensures that students do extremely well in obtaining residency matches in the United States and Canada.

Affordable cost of study and cost of living

Tuition at McGill is extremely low in comparison to schools of similar calibre around the world. Located in the heart of Montreal, McGill students also have the opportunity to enjoy an effervescent, bilingual city with numerous cultural and culinary amenities. Social networking and research opportunities are everywhere within the university and the city itself. These are complemented by McGill's many active alumni networks where graduates stay connected in cities around the world.

We welcome you!

In applying to McGill Faculty of Medicine, you have the opportunity to become part of one of the world's great health science institutions. We welcome your interest and hope to meet you soon.