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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have presented a few of the more frequently asked questions below to help you.  Please take this time to review the information provided to assist you.

Selection Process, Application Categories, Special Pathways & Québec Residency

How are applicants selected?

  • Based on the academic evaluation or CASPer test approximately 4 to 6 times the number of candidates are moved forward to the CV review; for example, if we intend to interview 50 people in a particular applicant category, the CVs of the top 200-300 files in that cohort are evaluated.
  • The non-academic criteria are assessed through the online CASPer test (20%) and the CV supporting document (CVMD) (10%). You can read more about the CASPer test here.
  • For more information view: Selection Process

How do I know if I am a recognized resident of Québec?

What are your applicant categories and Special Pathways?

Do you accept transfers?

Can I apply to the NTP category?

Submitting an Application & Application System

Can I request a paper application? / Can I submit an application by post mail?

  • No, only on-line applications are accepted for Medicine.

How much does an application cost? / What is the application fee?

I lost my password or cannot log into the system.  What should I do?

  • You can click on Forgot Password on the online application system and you will be able to choose a new password.

I submitted and paid for my application via the WebApp system, yet I did not receive confirmation or my McGill ID number. Why?

  • It takes 24 hours for the system to process applications.

How do I apply to a medicine program on the online application system?

E-mail Communication & E-mail Address

  • Email is used as a fast way to communicate with applicants. Applicants should check their email in-boxes regularly.
  • You can update your email address on the Applicant Portal under my Profile.
  • You should receive an email acknowledgement within 24 hours after submitting your application, confirming that your application has been received. Please note an increasing number of email clients (Outlook, AOL, Hotmail, etc.) are including spam blockers that can affect delivery of email messages. This means that some of our email communications might not reach you. To ensure that you receive our emails and they are not filtered as junk mail, be sure to add the McGill domain (@mcgill.ca) to your safe senders list in your email programs.

Tracking an Application

How do I receive a McGill identification number?

  • Once you have successfully submitted the on-line application forms (including payment), you will receive a confirmation and a nine-digit McGill identification number. Include your email address, McGill ID number and name in all communications with our office through the Applicant Portal on the Get Help form.

How can I track the status of my application?

How can I make changes or cancel an application?

  •  Changes in personal information such as addresses or phone numbers can only be done via the Applicant Portal. An application can be cancelled via your online account, up until a final admission decision is rendered.

How can I change my mailing address?

  • You always have the ability to change your email and postal addresses, no matter where you are in the application process or what status you have, by going to: the online application system > Applicant Portal > My profile.

How are final decisions communicated?

  • Final decisions are released by electronic mail on the day the decision is issued and confirmed in the Applicant Portal. Candidates may also view their decision letter in the Applicant Portal.

Campus in Outaouais

Where are the MDCM program and the Med-P Qualifying Year offered?

  • Since 2020, McGill's Med-P Qualifying Year and the MDCM program are offered on two campuses. Both campuses promise a first-class medical education.
  • For Campus Outaouais, the Med-P Qualifying Year is offered at l’Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO) and the Qualifying Year is a partnership between McGill and UQO and offered at UQO's Gatineau campus. For the MDCM program, 30 students are part of a smaller, more personalized environment, the Campus is located in new and ultramodern facilities built on the site of the Gatineau Hospital in partnership with the CISSS de l'Outaouais
  • For Montreal, the Med-P Qualifying Year and the MDCM program are offered at McGill’s downtown Montreal Campus, in a larger, metropolitan setting. 

Language Proficiency English and French

Is French proficiency required?

  • All candidates must submit proof of French proficiency since Fall 2023 admission cycle. Courses are offered in English at the Montreal campus, and in French at the Outaouais campus. For both campuses, clinical placements beginning in the first year of the program are at diverse teaching sites which may be classified as either bilingual or francophone institutions. Note that all McGill university students have the right to submit written in-course work in French or English. Proof of French proficiency is required for admission to the MDCM program and the Med-P Qualifying Year to ensure students can serve all patients safely while communicating effectively with clinical teams. Intermediate proficiency is required for the Montreal Campus, and Advanced for Campus Outaouais. See Language Proficiency for details of what documents or test scores to submit, and to learn about available tests, including a low-cost option with McGill's School of Continuing Studies. Candidates who completed both high school and Cégep in Quebec (in English or in French), or who took the Casper test in French, or who studied at a French post-secondary institution for at least 1 year, do not need to take a test.

Do I need to submit proof of English proficiency?

  • The majority of applicants to MDCM and the Med-P Qualifying Year do not need to submit proof of English proficiency. In general, only candidates who have never studied in Canada (in English or in French) or who have never studied at an English-language institution outside Canada must submit proof. See the University's policy for what to submit here.

Academic Records & Test Scores

How do I upload my transcripts?

Do I need to submit my exchange or study-abroad transcripts?

  • Yes.  The only exception would be if your host institution shows the credits and the grades of your study-abroad session on its own transcript.

How many copies of my transcript do you need?

  • One

Do I need to send you my McGill transcript? / Do I need to send you my CEGEP transcript?

  • No we have electronic access.

Do I need to submit official A-Level results, IB exam results or AP exam results?

Is an MCAT test required?

  • No, the MCAT test is not required for an application to Undergraduate Medicine. Only candidates applying for a U.S. Government Direct Loan (Title IV) are required to submit an MCAT score with their application.

Tuition Fees and Financial Aid

How much does it cost? / What are your tuition rates and compulsory fees?

Is financial aid available?

Academic History Workbook

What is the basis of admission degree?

  • The basis of admission degree is a 120 credit (4-year) or equivalent Bachelor's degree from a recognized, accredited institution, in any discipline OR a 90-credit program from a Quebec university where the applicant obtained a diploma of college studies (Diplôme d'études collégiales; "DEC") in a pre-university program. This is the Basis of Admission Degree, for which detailed information must be reported in Section 3: Basis of Admission Degree of the workbook.

I'm receiving an error message when I enter my dates.

  • Please note some date formats are not compatible with certain operating systems. Should you receive an error message, please disregard.

When I open the workbook I do not see any tabs. How can I maneuver through the workbook? Is the workbook broken?

  • Click on the button labelled "click here to proceed"

When I enter my information in section 1 and try to click the button to proceed, a message pops up saying "Reference is not valid".

  • You need to save the document to your computer desktop in order to enable the hyperlinks, otherwise you will get error messages.

Do I need to enter graduate marks in the workbook?

  • Section 3 of the Workbook should only include a record of your undergraduate degree marks.

I am a Mac user and I cannot open the workbook

  • Send an email to admissions.med [at] mcgill.ca, or click the button "click here to proceed".

Can I manually enter and delete rows?

  • No, please refrain from doing so.

What is the best way to copy and paste in the workbook?

  • Make sure to use "paste special" and always paste as values.

The summary section of the workbook says "local GPA cannot be calculated"

  • No need to worry, this is normal if your basis of admissions degrees is based on a mixture of numeric and letter grades, or multiple grade scales that do not align.

How can I upload my workbook?

  • You will be able to upload the Workbook in the Applicant Portal after you have submitted your application. Be sure to include your McGill ID on the Workbook.

I took an elective course outside of my home institution. What should the status be in Section 2?

  • Please use the "program terminated" option in the dropdown menu of Section 2.

Some of my basic science prerequisite courses were taken at CEGEP. Do I need to list all CEGEP courses in the workbook?

  • No. Simply enter the relevant basic science prerequisite grades.

I am applying to both Medicine and Dentistry. Do I need to submit two separate workbooks?

  • No. Simply click on the "Click Here for Medicine and Dentistry " in Section 6 of the workbook to submit your workbook to both programs.

I applied last year and submitted a workbook.  Can I use that version for this year's application?

  • No. Please use the current version of the workbook as it is updated yearly.

I have additional information I wish to provide to the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Office, how should I proceed?

  • There is a comment box in Section 6 of the workbook, if you have additional information you wish to share.

My basic science prerequisite courses have a separate lab component. Where can I enter the lab grades?

  • Separate lab marks can be added in the Prerequisite Labs portion of Section 4.

The McGill GPA conversion does not match my CGPA

  • The McGill calculated GPA is an estimation and all applications will be verified internally in order for a precise McGill GPA to be calculated.

I have submitted my workbook but I still can’t see it as received on the online application system.

  • Please allow up to 3 business days for your workbook to appear as received on your online application checklist. As long as you have submitted your workbook by the application deadline, your workbook will be reviewed. We will contact you if there are any issues with your submission.

I went on exchange. What should I do?

  • You need to list the courses you took in both Sections 2 and 3.

What resources are available to me to assist me in converting my grades?

  • Click on the button labelled "click here to proceed".

Basic Science Prerequisites

What courses are required for admission?

  • Please see Basic Science Prerequisites. Please note that a maximum of 3 basic science courses can be in progress at the time of application and their grades need to be submitted by May 31 prior to the beginning of the program. Make sure to identify these courses in Section 4 & 6 in the workbook. You will see a checklist item on the WebApp to upload your grades.

How can I know if the science courses I have taken at my university meet your requirements?

Prospective International Students & Foreign Medical Students/Graduates

I am finishing my A-Levels (et al.) / my French Baccalaureate (Bacc Français, et al.) / my International Baccalaureate (IBO).  Can I apply to your medical school?

  • We do not accept these programs as a basis of admisssion degree. The exception is Quebec residents who complete the French Baccalaureate in Quebec, which is considered equivalent to a CEGEP DEC for entry to the Med-P Qualifying Year. Courses from all these programs taken in any location can be used to fulfill Basic Science Prequisites.  See Undergraduate Degree Requirements.

I am currently studying medicine in my country.  Can I transfer to your Faculty?

  • We do not accept transfer students.  All accepted students start at the Year 1 level.

I am an international medical graduate.  What are my options to study or practice medicine?

  • International medical graduates (IMGs) can review the information offered by the Medical Council of Canada  if they wish to further their studies or work in Canada.  If, as an IMG, you wish to redo your medical education to acquire an LCME-recognized medical degree, click here.

Do you offer a Med-P Qualifying Year?

  • We offer a Med-P Qualifying Year for immediate graduates of the Québec CEGEP system. 

Other Questions

Want to know more about what it's like being a med student?

Does your office handle credentialing requests for UGME or PGME?

  • No. Contact UGME for UGME credentialing requests. Contact PGME for PGME credentialing requests.

Does McGill give admission preference to the relatives of McGill graduates?

  • Admission to McGill is based on the demonstrated academic merit of the applicant. Letters of support from alumni, friends, and family do not advantage (or disadvantage) an application. Some universities and colleges have legacy programs which give special admission consideration to relatives of graduates; McGill does not have a legacy admission program.

Contact Us

Still need to contact us?  Send an email to: admissions.med [at] mcgill.ca prior to submitting your application, or through the Get Help form on the Applicant Portal after you submit your application.

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