2024 Admissions

MDCM program for International Medical Graduates (IMG)

Two pathways are available for graduates of International medical programs (IMGs) seeking to obtain qualifications in Quebec.



  • The IMG 2-year admissions pathway is open to graduates of International (non-North American) medical programs who are residents of Québec. Successful candidates enter the McGill MDCM program with advanced standing, and will obtain the MDCM degree in two years. 
  • The number of positions available is contingent on the number of attritions from the regular stream of the MDCM program in previous years, which may include years where there are no positions available.  Applications to the IMG-2 category are assessed together as a separate group.   
  • Curriculum: Applicants admitted via this pathway are exempted from the Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry component (FMD) of the MDCM program and enter the program in the Transition to Clinical Practice (TCP) component, starting in April of Med-2 (second year). Successful students continue into the clerkships and graduate with an MDCM degree from McGill. For more information on the requirements, please view: Applying_International Medical Graduates


  • The IMG 4-year admissions pathway is open to all IMGs, regardless of whether they are residents of Quebec, Canada, or International students.  Admitted candidates will complete all 4 years of the undergraduate medical education program, with no advanced standing.   Note that many applicants who are Quebec residents choose to apply to both IMG-2 and IMG-4 streams.  The number of seats potentially available to IMG-4 candidates is based on the general residency categories; approximately 90 Quebec, 11 Canadian, and 2 International.  Please note that admission is highly competitive; IMG-4 candidates are assessed with all university degree-holding applicants in their residency category, not just other IMGs. 
  • IMG-4 applicants who also hold a non-medical bachelor's degree must submit transcripts and documentation for this degree. The full file will be reviewed and the selection process will be determined based on the most advantageous option for the candidate. Applicants to the IMG 4-year who have passed the MCCQE Part 1 exam are not required to take the MCAT exam, as per the MCAT policy. For more information on the requirements to apply, please view: Applying_International Medical Graduates.
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