Med-P (Preparatory) Program


If you are passionate about science and medicine, and dream of becoming a doctor, then you are a perfect candidate for the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences one year Med-P Program. This one-year preparatory program designed exclusively for CEGEP students, and prepares you to excel in McGill’s MDCM medical program and go on to become a compassionate caregiver!

N.B. ► This program is not open to university-level students or to students outside Québec.


The Med-P (preparatory program) is open to immediate graduates of the Quebec Collegial (CEGEP) system. 

The McGill Faculty of Science Medicine Preparatory (Med-P) Program is now offered in Montreal (in English) and in Gatineau (in French). The program in Gatineau is a partnership between McGill and l'Université du Québec en Outaouais. The McGill program is identical at both locations. The goal of the one-year program is to broaden and enrich the education of students to ensure they are prepared for the McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences rigourous four-year undergraduate medical education program (MDCM Program) offered both at the Montreal Campus (in English) and the new Campus Outaouais in Gatineau (in French).

The McGill Med-P Program consists of courses in molecular biology, physiology, cell biology and metabolism, with a choice of courses in humanities and social sciences. Med-P students must obtain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 3.5 and no grade less than a ‘B’ in the compulsory courses in order to move forward into the McGill MDCM Program.

Upon completion of their admission interview, candidates will be asked to choose between studying at the Montreal Campus or Campus Outaouais.

Learn more about the educational requirements for the Med-P program.

The number of applicants to the Med-P program far exceeds the number of available places.  Unsuccessful applicants are usually well-qualified for admission into other undergraduate degree programs (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc). As such, all applicants are advised to apply for admission to an alternate program. This can be done by selecting a secondary program when using the online application system.  For more information, please see McGill's Future Undergraduate Students web site.

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