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Student Life, Resources & Support

McGill University has a central web-based portal for all students with links to the many student-oriented resources and services. 

Directory of Resources and Services for Students

My McGill (Student Portal)

Special Resources

Montreal Campus and Campus Outaouais-UQO

You can view a comprehensive list of Student Resources for both Campuses that includes information on academic support, housing, athletics and much more ◄ mcgill_-_uqo_services.pdf

Montreal Campus

Consult the list of important Resources & Services for Students◄ Resources and Services for Students | McGill University

Student Services◄ Student Services - McGill University

Campus Outaouais-UQO (Gatineau)

Student Services◄ Services aux étudiants | UQO | Université du Québec en Outaouais

Students can also consult the UQO website. Note that space in the university residences is only available for McGill students if rooms remain after UQO's students have applied. Please communicate directly with the Residence services to inquire.

Student Advising

While in the preparatory year, there are staff members who are there to assist you as part of your dual identity in both Science and Medicine.  For the Montreal Campus your official academic adviser is Pete Barry, and for Campus Outaouais where the Med-P Qualifying Year is offered at UQO, your official academic advisor is Céline Aguer (for questions about courses and services). For questions about promotions and the medicine program for the Montreal Campus the contact person is Lucie Bélair, and Nithiya Subramaniam for Campus Outaouais at the UQO campus.

Science Students ◄ Link to the Current Students page of the Faculty of Science

Student Societies

MDSA ◄ The Med-Prep and Dent-Prep Student Association (MDSA) represents the interests of students enrolled in the medical and dental preparatory programs of McGill University. To learn more about MDSA, you can join their Facebook Group

SUS ◄ The Science Undergraduate Society of McGill University

MSS ◄ The Medicine Students' Society

SSMU ◄ The Students' Society of McGill University

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research in Science

Medicine Research

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