M.D., C.M.

The Faculty of Medicine offers a four-year undergraduate medical program leading to the conferral of an M.D.,C.M. (Medicinæ Doctorem et Chirurgiæ Magistrum) degree. The degree designation reflects the rich history of McGill University as home to Canada's first Faculty of Medicine (see a brief history of Medicine at McGill), and the original distinction between Medicine & Surgery colleges. 

The MDCM curriculum

McGill's Faculty of Medicine proudly launched its undergraduate medical curriculum in September of 2013. The previous curriculum, developed in the 1990s, was updated based on recommendations from the McGill Faculty of Medicine strategic planning report and the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada report (“The Future of Medical Education in Canada – Medical Doctor Project”). The latest MDCM curriculum was developed on the basis of extensive consultations with stakeholders, including a review of best practices in learning theory and ways of incorporating modern technologies into renovated classroom spaces. 

Visit MDCM Curriculum for information on program components, longitudinal themes and a curriculum schema.

For selected students, the program includes a one year integrated clerkship in Gatineau or outside the City of Montreal.

Electronic media, multimedia and other information technologies are used by the Faculty for teaching purposes and to promote learning. Students should therefore expect to be audio and/or video-recorded as part of the program e.g. while learning at the Medical Simulation Centre.

**The language of instruction is English.

**The Faculty does not accept students for part-time medical studies.

Admission requirements and conditions

Students seeking to register into this program must, at minimum:

N.B. ► Certain exceptions may apply based on the applicant's category.


To review a schedule of fees for this program, consult the table at Student Accounts Undergraduate Tuition & Fees.  To learn about financial assistance, please review our Scholarships & Bursaries page.

Who can apply

This program is open to applicants in the following applicant categories:

  • Québec residents with a university degree 
  • Non-traditional applicants who are Québec residents 
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada (who are not Québec residents) with a university degree
  • International applicants with a university degree 
  • Indigenous applicants under select conditions 







White coat ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony at McGill is entitled "Donning the Healer's Habit Ceremony". It was inaugurated in 2001 and for the first decade was named in honor of the late Dr. Joseph Wener. Dr. Wener was a role model of a compassionate physician for a generation of medical students. An invited speaker addresses the class on their transition from laymanship to physicianship. The ceremony has traditionally been held early in the Med 2 year to underline the transition from a relatively passive (observer) role to that of a more active role in the clinical encounter. At this event, students receive their white coat - a symbol of the professional responsibilities they will assume in their clinical life. This is followed by a recital of a class oath in which they pledge allegiance to core values of the profession. Parents as well as Osler Fellows are invited to attend.