Congratulations to Dr. Gerald Fried!

He received the 2021 Duncan Graham Award in recognition of his extensive accomplishments and valued contributions to medical education.


Academic Immersion in Healthcare

A team of McGill healthcare students created an award-winning virtual platform to inspire high school students from underrepresented communities to pursue a career in healthcare.

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Training future cardiac surgeons 

Dr. Muller Moran’s research lays the groundwork to train the next generation of cardiac surgeons on transcatheter procedures

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Training health care students during a pandemic

Read about how our Centre has remained open during the pandemic to offer learning activities essential for McGill health care students to progress in their curriculum, practice medical procedures, and refine their skills.


Encouraging clinical innovation at McGill

Meet the winning teams and watch the video-recording of the McGill Clinical Innovation Competition (CLIC) and Awards Ceremony that was held on May 20.  

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Guided Tour of our Centre

We invite you to learn more about our Centre by viewing our virtual guided tour videos.

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Test your clinical innovation at the Simnovation Hub

Our virtual hospital environment provides an ideal space for MedTech companies to design, develop and test innovative health care products and technology.

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Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning


Inspiring world-class simulation-based education, research and innovation to provide the best possible health care to the communities we serve.


To employ simulation in a health care context, focused on the education of health care professionals, patients and the public, in a sustainable learning environment, to maximize the delivery of safe and high-quality clinical care, underpinned by intellectual discovery through ground-breaking research and innovation.


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