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The Simnovation Hub


The Faculty of Medicine of McGill University has taken steps to become a leader in clinical innovation and maintain its status as a visionary leader in the health care professions through the establishment of a new Clinical Innovation Program housed within the Simnovation Hub at the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning. Our Centre has the necessary infrastructure to leverage existing talent and expertise into a world-class cohort adept at clinical innovation.

With our simulated clinical facilities, technology and infrastructure, we will play a key role in promoting innovation in health care at McGill.  Our virtual hospital environment has been used for teaching, learning, research, and evaluation of trainees, teams, and educational programs without risk of harm to real patients. By virtue of its similarity to the clinical environment, our Centre is a unique laboratory in which to understand clinical needs, test innovative ideas and technology, and establish the necessary proof of concept for nascent medical technology.

Our world-class facilities have always been focused on Innovation. Although this innovation has been traditionally pointed towards education, there is tremendous overlap with clinical innovation since both are involved in the creation, use, and testing of new technology and processes. We focus on learning in teams and promote debriefing and discussion to improve both learner and patient outcomes. In a similar fashion, we believe that successful innovation comes from the strength of working in teams and providing the necessary culture for brainstorming, discussion, and debriefing. The expansion of our facilities in 2016 provided the necessary space for innovation teams to carry out these fruitful exchanges with students and faculty, making it a valued testing area for start-up MedTech as well as growing medical device and software companies. 

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