Attention MedTech and Industry Partners

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Director of Innovation

Jake Barralet, the Director of Innovation for the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) and the SCSIL, aligns partnerships to position the FMHS as a leader in clinical innovation both nationally and internationally. Our aim is to create a supportive environment and use simulation as a means to foster partnerships with industry that will create value for our community. We are enhancing the SCSIL’s capabilities as a Centre for innovative learning through the development of novel simulators and simulations, artificial intelligence and assessment of decision-making.

Using the Clinical Innovation Program as a core resource and platform, the principles and practices of the innovation cycle are being integrated and expanded throughout the Faculty. In addition, essential partnerships with mentors, business leaders, and industry are being forged to promote cross-fertilization and to leverage existing expertise and resources. The FMHS is redefining graduate studies to prepare trainees for employment and business.  

We are actively supporting initiatives, including the McGill Clinical Innovation Competition (CLIC), as well as start-ups and industry partners through access to the innovation space and expertise of the Simnovation Hub.

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