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Booking sessions at the Centre is a two-step process. In order to facilitate the planning of your learning activity, please complete the following Session Form. Our staff will review the information provided and contact you to confirm your booking. Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee a reservation.

Contact Information
General Information
(e.g. Core Surgery RII, Nursing 331)
(Ex; Central Line Insertion Skills session; Communication Skills, Ethics OSCE)
All research undertaken at the SCSIL is subject to review/approval by the SCSIL Director of Research. This is largely based on the scientific merit of the research proposal, and the human and material resources needed to successfully implement the study. For additional information, please consult the Research tab of the SCSIL website.
Course Requirements
Needs assessment
(e.g. required training as part of residency, morbidity data points to a particular problem, poor communication present among team members)
Specific statements which define what the learner will acquire e.g. at the end of a session, the learner will be able to insert a foley catheter
Patient safety competencies
Course Material
(Example, on-line readings and references, and PowerPoint) (check all that apply)
Didactic Presentation at Centre
(Please supply a copy or WEB link)
(Example; A 15- minute PowerPoint presentation prior to practice session to review content provided on-line)
Assessment of Learner Performance
(Example; an on-line multiple choice exam to be handed in upon arrival, a checklist for communication or technical skills to be completed by tutors, peers or examners). (check all that apply)
Indicate the Rooms Required for this Session
Indicate the Resources/Equipment Required for this Session
Additional Requirements
Program / Session Evaluation
A Centre evaluation form will be provided.
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