Research is an important priority of the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning’s (SCSIL) mission: it drives innovation in simulation training and supports the development of simulation scholars of all levels.

We aim to support high-quality, high-impact research at the SCSIL in the following ways:

  • Provide direction to simulation research resources
  • Facilitate high-quality research being conducted at the SCSIL
  • Build partnerships and collaborations with relevant individuals and groups across McGill and the McGill teaching hospital network and beyond
  • Promote and celebrate simulation research conducted at the SCSIL

In short, we are driven to maximize the quality, impact, and visibility of research conducted at, and in partnership with, the SCSIL.

Check out the tabs to learn more about simulation education research being conducted at the SCSIL, including information about and resources to support research, descriptions of ongoing research, and scholarly products from research conducted at the SCSIL.

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