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Opportunities for Innovation

Our Centre is developing expertise and authority in the use of simulation to catalyze health care innovation.

Innovations can be used in medical simulation to produce materials and processes that enable more authentic and accessible learning environments, improved tools for evaluation, and pervasive learning opportunities. Use the power of simulation to meet FDA Human Factors requirements.

Innovations in health care can use the simulation environment for the design, development and implementation of novel products and processes, prior to their introduction into the clinical setting.

Opportunities for innovations in medical simulation include:

Low-cost simulation – The impact of low-cost, high-impact medical simulation has yet to be realized. Widespread adoption, especially in rural and low-income settings, has the potential to significantly enhance clinical outcomes of care.

Pervasive simulation – The potential of web-based simulation platforms is phenomenal and is sorely under-utilized. Working with instructional designers, serious game developers and educational technologists can enable a far wider reach of simulation-based training and assessment in all types of health care settings.

Tele-simulation – The remoteness and inaccessibility of rural areas, especially during inclement weather, is a challenge to care delivery. Training of local personnel, such as first responders, has the potential to mitigate the effects of remoteness to delivery of high-quality medical intervention.

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