2024 Admissions

Applicant Categories

Categories of Black, rural and Indigenous candidates

The MDCM Admissions Committee looks forward to welcoming excellent candidates from diverse backgrounds to the McGill community and to increasing the number of professionals from underrepresented populations in medicine

Applicant categories are organized first by the applicant's citizenship or residency status (in-province, out-of-province, international, etc.) and then by level of academic attainment (CEGEP student, university student, international medical graduate).

Certain categories have special conditions of admission. Use the menu on the left to determine your applicant category. You must establish your category before submitting an application.

The number of available positions for medical training is regulated by the provincial government according to designated categories, which are based on candidates' citizenship or residency status and are as follows: 

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is a recognized resident of Québec: Up to 133 available seats.
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is not a resident of Québec, or Out-of-province Canadians: Up to 11 available seats.
  • Black Candidate Pathway: If you are a Quebec resident and you self-identify as BlackThere is no limited number of seats.
  • Indigenous Applicant Pathway: Member of a First Nation or registered Inuit beneficiary who is a recognized resident of Québec: Up to 10 available seats, and Canadian non-Quebec Indigenous Pathway: 1 seat available. 
  • Rural and Small Populations Pathway: Attended Public Secondary School in rural or small town areas of Quebec: Up to 5 seats available.
  • Canadian Armed Forces pathway: Full time Canadian Armed Forces members who have a minimum of 1 year experience in the military. 4 positions are shared between the 4 Quebec medical schools.
  • International Residents, defined as an individual who requires a study permit to study in Canada (not a Canadian citizen or permanent (INTL): Up to 2 available seats.
  • International Medical Graduates: Up to 4 seats available.
  • MD PhD: Up to 5 seats available.

Applicants accepted under the Out-of-Province Canadian and International categories are subject to the admission rules and obligations of their assigned category for the duration of their medical studies, regardless of any change in citizenship or residency status subsequent to admission.

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