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McGill Black Candidate Pathway

Please view the following for our admission requirements and selection process: 
PDF icon Black Candidates Pathway

This pathway is aligned with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) Diversity and Social Accountability statements and the Faculty’s and University’s Action Plans to Address Anti-Black Racism. The MDCM Admissions Committee looks forward to welcoming excellent candidates from diverse backgrounds to the McGill community and to increasing the number of professionals from underrepresented populations in medicine.

The Committee also recognizes the invaluable input it received throughout the creation of this pathway from members of the Faculty’s Social Accountability and Community Engagement Office (SACE), the Black Medical Student Association of Canada, and the Dr. Kenneth Melville McGill Black Faculty and Staff Caucus.

Admissions criteria 

This application stream is open to Quebec Resident Med-P (CEGEP level) and  Quebec Resident MDCM (University level) candidates who self-identify as Black. There is no limited number of seats for admission. All candidates who apply through the pathway will be simultaneously considered in the general Quebec cohort and may receive an invitation to interview through either pathway.

Academic and Non-Academic Excellence Criteria

  • GPA of 3.5 or higher (University level) or R-score of 34.5 or higher (CEGEP level)*
  • CASPer*
  • CV*

(*scores comparable to other applicants in the Quebec applicant pool). 

Admission involves a holistic assessment approach that takes into account academic and non-academic criteria as well as life experience.

Applicants are required to submit a personal statement that contextualizes their life experience. Black community members and health professional admissions file reviewers will review each personal statement. This step in the candidate selection process was developed in conjunction with stakeholder input and is aligned with the CanMeds roles and values used for all admissions processes.

How to apply

  • University-level applicants: Indicate that you wish to be considered in the McGill Black Candidate Pathway in your Academic Workbook (excel file). When your workbook is processed you will be invited to submit your personal statement through your Minerva account.
  • CEGEP-level applicants: Send an email to admissions.med [at] mcgill.ca by March 1 indicating that you wish to be considered through the pathway, include your McGill ID. Once the office has processed your email request you will be invited to submit your personal statement through your Minerva account.
  • Self-identification and participation in this pathway are optional and can in no way negatively impact the admission decision. Therefore, we hope that you will choose to self-identify on your McGill application.

To be considered for the pathway, you must:

Personal Statement

The personal statement can be uploaded to the Minerva checklist item Black Candidate Personal Statement (BSAE).

Please see the pages Non-academic criteria and the CV instructions to learn more about the competencies that are important for the Medicine program.

Final Selection:

Candidates will proceed to the Mini Multiple Interviews (MMIs) if they have been endorsed by the file reviewers. Offers of admission will be based on MMI performance within the Quebec resident MDCM or Med-P cohorts.


For questions pertaining to the admissions requirements, or community of support, contact: admofficer.med [at] mcgill.ca

Please view the pdf of the information session for Quebec University level Black candidates on September 29, 2022: PDF icon university-level_black_applicants-information_session_-_sep_29_2022.pdf

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