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Rural and Small Populations Pathway (RSPP)

PDF icon Rural and Small Populations Pathway Overview

Quebec-resident university-level applicants who attended public secondary school in rural or small town areas of Quebec may choose to apply in the Rural and Small Populations Pathway. This pathway aims to attribute between 2 to 5 seats in the 4-year MDCM program for selected eligible candidates.

Our commitment to underrepresented populations in medicine

In keeping with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Diversity and Social Accountability statements, we seek to reach out and recruit excellent candidates from diverse backgrounds and to maintain the exceptional academic backgrounds of our cohorts. Our class aims to reflect the community around us; but some populations have historically been underrepresented in the medical profession. Notably, people living in rural areas and small towns are a vital part of the community we serve, but have not always been encouraged to seek a career in a healthcare profession, and may have faced systemic barriers in the recognition of the excellence that they may bring to the practice of medicine. At the same time, many rural and small town areas do not have enough physicians to serve their communities. The RSPP is one step toward addressing these needs.

For more information about Social Accountability at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and details about various outreach programs and services for all underrepresented groups, please see the following links:


Admissions criteria

Completed the majority of secondary school (i.e. 3 of 5 years) in a public secondary school located in an area of Quebec classified as a rural or small population centre by Statistics Canada. Transcripts will be verified for eligibility purposes. Review the population centres here; they can be sorted by small, medium, and large, and you can click on each to open a detailed map. Rural areas of Quebec are any area outside a large, medium or small population centre. In general, Rural areas have a population of <1000, and small population centres have a population <29 999 people. A population centre can cover multiple contiguous communities (see full definition).

All other Quebec-University level criteria apply.

Selection process

All steps of the selection process are the same as for the general Quebec University pathway; but applicants in the Rural and Small Populations pathway are assessed against each other as a pool. Candidates in this pathway will also simultaneously be assessed in the general Quebec-university pathway, and will receive an offer in that cohort if their ranking permits.

How to apply

Indicate that you wish to be considered in the RSPP on the online application system and provide the requested details about your secondary school studies. Your eligibility will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Office during the file review period and, if eligible, you may be asked to upload a copy of your unofficial secondary school transcript. An official transcript will be required if you receive an RSPP offer of admission.


The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Social Accountability and Community Engagement office is not involved in the admission or selection process for the MDCM program, but are mandated to provide outreach to applicants from underrepresented groups. For example, through mentorship with a current student from a similar background, or through discussing plans for a career in a healthcare profession. For information please contact their office.

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