2024 Admissions

Supplemental documentation that may be requested of you during the review of your application

It is the applicant's responsibility to verify the status of their application on a regular (e.g. weekly) basis. Other items (listed below) may be requested at any time; do not submit these item(s) unless they are explicitly requested of you.

Math/Science Course Descriptions
Calendar Course Descriptions

In order to better understand the content of certain courses, especially science prerequisites, you may be asked to provide the course-calendar descriptions. If any of above appear on your checklist, please submit a scanned copy of the official course descriptions, the course syllabus, or a direct link to an online resource.  As much as possible, please use the information of the same term as when you took the course.

List of Courses In Progress
List of Intended Courses

When asked, especially regarding the science prerequisites, you are requested to submit either a list of the courses for which you are registered or intend to register.  This list must include the name of the institution, the name and identification number of the course, the term and, if known, the date of the final exam or when the course will end.  Any changes must be reported.

Photo identification

For security purposes (e.g. identification for interview registration), you must provide a quality scan of two (2) valid and current (no more than 5 years old) pieces of photographic identification, one with signature, selected from the following: passport, driver's license (Canada or US only), permanent residency card, university or college ID card (Canada or US only), ISIC card, health care card (Canada only). You must bring the originals at time of registration. It is preferable for the two pieces to be submitted in one PDF file.

Proof of Degree Completion

A certified copy of an academic record stating the proof of graduation, or a letter sent directly from the Registrar's office of the institution stating that graduation has been completed.

Graduation Requirements

A copy/scan detailing the requirements of the academic program or degree including the minimum credit and course requirements.

Documents for special pathways

Personal statements, additional identification documents, or secondary school transcripts may be required for special application pathways.

Additional Requirement

Wherever it may apply, supporting documentation such as a doctor's note, assessments from health professionals, proof of participation, or other, may be asked at any time as the conditions may warrant them.

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