2024 Admissions

Language Proficiency

French Language Proficiency

Since fall 2023 French-language proficiency is a pre-admission requirement for students starting the MDCM Program or Med-P qualifying year. This change is consistent with French- language proficiency pre-admission requirements of other health profession schools in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and with the Faculty’s Statement on Language Proficiency

For information on the requirements and list of accepted tests or certificates please view: Language Proficiency

English and French Communication Skills

Medical students will interact with francophone patients in the teaching hospitals and may also be assigned to francophone training sites for their clinical rotations. Students are introduced to clinical observation in the first year of the MDCM program. The students will take on more active responsibilities upon entering clerkship in third year. Our clinical environment is bilingual or francophone, so it is important to feel comfortable and prepared to work in both French and English, as per the MDCM Language Policy. Students may also register for English and French courses during their studies in the MDCM program, as per the UGME Registration Policy

Please view: Language Proficiency

English Language Proficiency

Since fall 2021, proof of English-language proficiency is only required for candidates educated exclusively outside of Canada in non-English speaking countries, as per the McGill-wide policy for English proficiency.

Please view: Language Proficiency

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