Academic History Workbook

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Academic History Workbook

N.B. ► The Workbook is not required for international medical graduate applicants (MD-ROQ-IMG) or Med-P applicants (MD-ROQ-C)

  • Download the Workbook provided and complete it with your academic history, including course history.
  • Table 2 of the Workbook should be completed with your entire history of higher-learning (e.g. post-secondary, undergraduate, graduate, etc.).  This includes advanced secondary programs such as APs from CollegeBoard, the International Baccalaureate from IBO, CEGEP programs, and the like. 
  • Table 3 need not contain graduate course history.
  • Please note some date formats are not compatible with certain operating systems.  Should you receive an error message, please disregard.

Compatibility: The Workbook was created in Microsoft Excel 2013. Tables are compatible with most current spreadsheet software; however the desktop version of Excel is recommended.

DOWNLOAD THE WORKBOOK ► File Medicine Admissions Academic Workbook (MAAW)

Guide to Completing the Academic History Workbook 

  • The Guide describes how to convert grades to McGill-compatible grade points. 
  • If your institution uses a different grading system, consult the resources in the guide and the workbook section of the FAQ page.

DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE ► PDF icon Medicine Workbook User Guide 2020-2021



Before submitting your final Workbook, ensure that you rename the file as indicated in Section 6 of the Academic Workbook

When you are ready to submit your completed and final workbook, attach your workbook to the e-mail message using the instructions in the Guide to submit your completed workbook to [at] with the subject line 'MAAW SUBMISSION' and include your full name in the subject line.  In the body of the message, include your McGill ID number along with your Workbook as an attachment.

A receipt will automatically be issued if the submission was successful.  Please allow up to 10 business days for your document to show as received in your application checklist. Please note that only workbooks can be received at this email address; address all other questions to [at]



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