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Research Appendix for MDCM & Ph.D. Applicants

Research Appendix Requirements for MDCM & Ph.D. Applicants


Applicants to the MDCM & PhD program are required to submit a single document that will serve as an appendix to the CV document, which consists of both:

  1. A list of research publications and scholarly activities.
  2. A one page narrative describing your research experience to date, your career goals, and the subject area of interest for Ph.D. studies. The applicant should refer to specific research that is being conducted at McGill University that is in their area of interest.

The following links may assist you:

Applicants to the MDCM & PhD program are also required to submit two (2) letters of reference from individuals who have acted as mentors for the applicant’s research activities.  Review the Letters of Reference section for details. 


Use the following form as template for your submission.  Instructions are included within the form. Upload the document to your Applicant Portal after you submit your admissions application.

FORMFile md_phd_research_summary_form-en.docx

This form is presented in Microsoft* Word 2013 format and is compatible with most current word processing software, including open software such as LibreOffice* or OpenOffice*. All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.  All rights reserved.


The final document should be in a single PDF/A compliant file to upload to the designated checklist item of your application via the online application system.

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