2024 Admissions

Letters of reference / Medical School Performance Report MSPR

Applicants to the MDCM & PhD program

Applicants to the combined MDCM & PhD program are required to have TWO (2) letters of reference submitted from individuals who have acted as mentors/supervisors for the applicant’s research activities.  The reference letters should address the applicant's:

  • research ability and potential
  • self reliance and independence
  • motivation
  • ability to plan and conduct research
  • ability to work as a member of a team
  • originality and creativity

When you add a referee on the online application system, they will automatically receive a notification and a link to provide their recommendation.  

  1. Applicants are responsible for informing their references that that the deadline to submit a recommendation for the MD-PhD application is November 1st.
  2. If references have not been received in the Applicant Portal within 10 days after the referee was added to the application, use the ‘Recommendations Page’ link located below the document checklist in the portal to send a reminder. You can also exclude a reference and add a new one there if necessary. Note that the application must be submitted (and payment received) in order to access the ‘Recommendations Page’ link in your Applicant Portal.

The Undergraduate Medical Admissions Office reserves the right to not accept any correspondence it feels does not come from a trusted source.  It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that their referee is well-informed of the procedures and deadlines for submitting their letter of reference.


Applicants to the International Medical Graduate program (2-year or 4-year)

The Medical School Performance Report (MSPR), also known as a "Dean’s letter" is a letter of standing from the dean or principal of your medical school.  This is only required for IMG program applicants. You can upload this document to the online application system.

Typically, this document:

  • Reports on activities during medical school; and/or
  • Comments on performance in clinical rotations; and/or
  • Gives a recommendation for further medical training; and/or
  • Reports on time spent in each specialty or department (hours or weeks).


Applicants to all other programs

Letters of reference for applicants to any other program will not be considered or retained on file.


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