Making science communication possible


Published: 27Sep2016


E. Edward Lister, BSc(Agr)’55, MSc’57, and his wife, Teresa, recently established the Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative to help teach scientists superior communication skills, enabling them to better articulate their work to a larger community.  Thanks to the Lister family’s visionary gift, the Faculty will host interactive workshops and seminars designed to improve how faculty and students communicate scientific research to the world. These sessions will begin in fall 2016 and continue for three years, ensuring that a generation of scientists are well equipped to explain their important work to a broader public.

Student presentations at the Food Food Thought Public Lecture Series will also be included as part of the Lister Family Engaged Science Initiative, allowing students the opportunity to develop communication skills required to disseminate their work to the broader public. 

Originally published in Focus on Macdonald Alumni Newsletter, August 2016


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