$5-million gift to McGill’s global food security institute supports efforts to understand and reverse world hunger and malnutrition

Published: 11Oct2018

Every night, some 800 million people – one in nine people on earth – go to bed hungry. And projections suggest that unless creative solutions are found, the world will need to increase food...

Gut hormone increases response to food

Published: 12Dec2018

Ghrelin promotes conditioning to food-related odours...

L’irrigation et le drainage contre le réchauffement climatique

Published: 6Dec2018

Les changements climatiques ont une incidence sur l’agriculture, mais l’inverse est aussi vrai. "L’agriculture produit environ 10 % des émissions de gaz à effet de serre," signale Chandra...

Drs Louise Pilote, Natalie Dayan, et al. Paper selected by the editors of Hypertension as a High Impact Paper Winter 2018

Published: 3Dec2018

Congratulations to Dr Louise Pilote, Dr Natalie Dayan, et al. from Anna F. Dominiczak, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Hypertension for an outstanding contribution to Hypertension.

Student Services' Units will close at 3:30pm on December 5, 2018

Published: 27Nov2018

All Student Services' units will close at 3:30pm on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018....