Lorie Kloda

lorie.kloda [at] mcgill.ca 514-398-3599

Office of the Trenholme Dean of Libraries
McLennan Library Building
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C9

Vice-Dean of Libraries

Provides leadership for initiatives supporting McGill Libraries’ strategic directions and oversees a portfolio of units including planning and assessment, space allocation, communications, EDI, and Indigenous Initiatives.


PhD (Information Studies), McGill University, 2012

MLIS, McGill University, 2001

BA (Psychology, Women’s Studies), McGill University, 1998

Areas of interest

  • Strategic planning and assessment
  • Evidence based librarianship
  • Research planning and design
  • Information needs of health professionals
  • Open access publishing

Selected publications

Kloda, L. A., Boruff, J. T., & Cavalcante, A. (2020). A comparison of patient, intervention, comparison, outcome (PICO) to a new, alternative clinical question framework for search skills, search results, and self-efficacy: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 108(2), 185-194. doi: 10.5195/jmla.2020.739

Fitzgibbons, M., Kloda, L. A., & Miller-Nesbitt, A. (2017). Exploring the value of academic librarians’ participation in journal clubs. College & Research Libraries, 78(6), 774-788. doi: 10.5860/crl.78.6.774

Somerville, M. M., & Kloda, L. A. (2016). Academic libraries (Chapter 9). In Brettle, A. & Koufogiannakis, D. (eds.). Being Evidence Based in Library and Information Practice. London: Facet.

Kloda, L. A., Koufogiannakis, D., & Brettle, A. (2014). Assessing the impact of evidence summaries in library and information practice. Library and Information Research, 38(119), 29-46, S5-S9. URL: http://www.lirgjournal.org.uk/lir/ojs/index.php/lir/article/view/644

Kloda, L. A., & Bartlett, J. C. (2014). A characterization of clinical questions asked by rehabilitation therapists. Journal of the Medical Library Association,102(2), 69-77. doi: 10.3163/1536-5050.102.2.002

Thombs, B. D., Ziegelstein, R. C., Roseman, M., Kloda, L. A., & Ioannidis, M. D. (2014). There are no randomized controlled trials that support the United States Preventive Services Task Force guideline on screening for depression in primary care: A systematic review. BMC Medicine, 12(13). doi: 10.1186/1741-7015-12-13

Kloda, L. A., & Bartlett, J. C. (2013). Formulating answerable questions: Question negotiation in evidence-based practice. Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association, 34(2), 55-60. doi: 10.5596/c13-01d

Steingart, K. R., Sohn, H., Schiller, I., Kloda, L. A., Boehme, C. C., Pai, M., & Dendukuri, N. (2013). Xpert MTB/RIF assay for pulmonary tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Issue 1. Art. No.: CD009593. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD009593.pub2

Yeung, J. P., Kloda, L. A., McDevitt, J. R., Ben-Shoshan, M., & Alizadehfar R. (2012). Oral immunotherapy for milk allergy. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Issue 11. Art. No.: CD009542. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD009542.pub2

Kloda, L. A., Koufogiannakis, D., & Mallan, K. (2011) Transferring evidence into practice: What evidence summaries of LIS research tell practitioners. Information Research, 16(1). URL: http://informationr.net/ir/16-1/paper465.html
Awarded the Robert H. Blackburn Distinguished Paper Award (2012) by the Canadian Library Association.

Kloda, L. A. (2011).The librarian as information provider and educator: Case study: Liaison librarian.In Brettle, A. & Urquhart, C. (eds.).Changing Roles and Contexts for Health Library and Information Professionals, pp. 100-102. London: Facet.

Kloda, L. A. (2011). Searching the literature to create a literature review. In Harvey, B. J., Lang, E. S., & Frank, J. R. (eds.). The Research Guide: A Primer for Residents, Other Health Care Trainees and Practitioners, pp. 41-49. Ottawa: Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Kloda, L. A. & Bartlett, J. C. (2009). Clinical information behavior of rehabilitation therapists: A review of the research. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 97(3), 194-202. doi: 10.3163/1536-5050.97.3.008

Selected presentations

Philbrick, J., Lessick, S., Vardell, E., & Kloda, L. Transforming practice through an innovative training model: MLA Research Training Institute. Speaker. Medical Library Association Annual Meeting (online), May 24-27, 2021.

Severson, S., Kloda, L., Carliner, J. Bringing Wiki into the library with a Wikipedian in Residence. Panelist [on-demand program]. Association of College & Research Libraries Virtual Conference, April 13-16, 2021.

Kloda, L. Strategic thinking in academic Libraries. Carleton University Library [online], ON, October 23, 2020.

Philbrick, J., Lessick, S., & Kloda, L. RTI assessment results two years after: Building a research support system for health sciences librarian-researchers. Speaker. Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, August 15-19, 2020.

Kloda, L., Koufogiannakis, D., & Wilson, V. Research for librarianship: A study of a decade of Canadian faculty publications. Speaker. Tenth International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP10), Glasgow, Scotland, June 15-19, 2019.

Kloda, L., Philbrick, J., & Lessick, S. Reducing uncertainty: Building health sciences librarians’ capacity for evidence-based practice through a research training institute. Speaker. Tenth International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP10), Glasgow, Scotland, June 15-19, 2019.

Betz, S., Kloda, L., & Koufogiannakis, D. OA scholarly journal publishing: Partnering with libraries to build the CC community. Creative Commons Global Summit, Toronto, ON, April 13-15, 2018.

Ball, K., Hayden, L., & Kloda, L. Linking assessment to the strategic plan in academic libraries. Speaker. 12th International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries, Oxford, England, July 31 – August 2, 2017.

Moore, A. J., & Kloda, L. A. Evaluating reference consults in the academic library. Short paper. Library Assessment Conference 2016, Arlington, VA, October 31 – November 2, 2016.

Kloda, L., & Ball, K. Linking the assessment plan to the library strategic plan. Canadian Library Assessment Workshop, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, October 15-16, 2015. 2 hours.

Kloda, L., & Cook, C. Getting work done alone, together: A one-day snapshot survey of visitors to a research-intensive university. Speaker. 11th Northumbria International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries and Information Services, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 20-22, 2015.

Koufogiannakis, D., Wilson, V., & Kloda, L. Canadian LIS faculty research: Linked to practice? Speaker. Eighth International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP8), Brisbane, Australia, July 6-8, 2015.

Fitzgibbons, M., Kloda, L., Miller-Nesbitt, A. Collaborative learning: Bridging evidence and practice through journal clubs. Speaker. Eighth International Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference (EBLIP8), Brisbane, Australia, July 6-8, 2015.

Kloda, L. Getting evidence into practice. Keynote. Quebec Library Association Annual Conference, Montreal, QC, May 9, 2013. 1 hour.

Selected grants

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice. 2019-2021. (Kloda, L. A.) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Aid to Scholarly Journals.

"Research for librarianship: A study of Canadian iSchool faculty output." 2018. (Kloda, L., Koufogiannakis, D., & Wilson, V.) Concordia Library Research Grant.

“Effectiveness of teaching students in occupational and physical therapy PICO vs. an alternative framework for clinical question formulation: A randomized controlled trial.” 2015. (Kloda, L. A. & Boruff, J.) Medical Library Association Lindberg Research Fellowship.

“The impact of research summaries on LIS practitioners.” 2010-2011. (Kloda, L., Koufogiannakis, D., & Brettle, A.). Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) Research in Librarianship Grant.


Selected workshops

Research Training Institute, co-lead instructor. Medical Library Association. Chicago, IL, July 9-14, 2018 & July 15-19, 2019, July 13-18, 2020. 48 MLA credits.

Kloda, L. A. Research by design: Designing, planning, and running a research project for the practicing librarian. Joint Meeting of MLA Midwestern and Midcontinental Chapters, Des Moines, IA, October 21, 2016. 4 MLA credits. 4 hours.

Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) Librarians’ Research Institute, Peer Mentor. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, June 15-18, 2015.

Kloda, L. A., Evidence-based librarianship: Using evidence in health sciences libraries. Ohio State University Library, Columbus, OH, October 1, 2014. 6 MLA credits, 6 hours.

Schardt, C., and others. Evidence-based clinical practice institute. Denver, CO, July 24-27, 2014. 20 MLA Credits, 3 day workshop.

Graduate teaching

Research and Evaluation in Library and Information Studies, 3 credit course, University of Ottawa School of Information Studies, 2021

Introduction to Evidence Based Practice, 1 credit course, San Jose State University School of Information, 2018

Online Information Retrieval, 3 credit course, McGill University School of Information Studies, 2003-2005

Selected professional activities

  • Editor-in-Chief, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice(2014 - 2020)
  • Board member, Concordia University Press (2017-2023)
  • Editorial Board Member and Section Editor, Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research (2006-2008)
  • Member, Canadian Association of Research Libraries, Continuing Education Working Group of the Impact Committee (2016 – 2022)
  • Member, Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire, Sous-Comité des bibliothèques, Groupe de travail sur les indicateurs de performance et les aides à la décision (2014-2021; chair 2018-2020)
  • Co-founder, Library Journal Club Network


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Dr. Lorie Kloda appointed Vice-Dean, McGill University Library | McGill Library - McGill University

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