Katherine Hanz

katherine.hanz [at] mcgill.ca 514-398-7644

Humanities and Social Sciences Library
McLennan Library Building
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C9


  • Library & Information Studies


MLIS, McGill University, 2009

MA (English & Theatre Studies), University of Guelph, 2007

BA (English & Theatre Studies), University of Guelph, 2005

Selected Publications

Hanz, K., & McKinnon, D. (2018). When librarians hit the books: Uses of and attitudes toward E-Books. The Journal of Academic Librarianship44(1), 1-14.

Boruff, J., Hanz, K., Holder, S., Kucij, M., Lange, J., & Lannon, A. (2015). A tale of three libraries: Lessons learned from three branch mergers at McGill University. In S. Holder & A. Lannon (Eds.), Difficult decisions: Closing and merging academic libraries (pp. 145-158). Chicago, IL: Association of College & Research Libraries.

Hanz, K. & Lange, J. (2013).  Using student questions to direct information literacy workshops. Reference Services Review 41(3)532 – 546. http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?articleid=17093239

Hanz, K.& Lange, J. (2013). Beyond the university gates: Effective methods for teaching career-oriented IL skills to students in professional programs. Proceedings of the 2013 LOEX Conference: Library Orientation Series, No. 46. 

Hasnain, R., Kondratowicz, D.M., Borokhovski, E., Nye, C., Balcazar, F., Portillo, N., Hanz, K., Johnson, T., & Gould, R. (2011). Do cultural competency interventions work?: A systematic review on improving rehabilitation outcomes for ethnically and linguistically diverse individuals with disabilities. FOCUS: Technical Briefs 31, 1-12.  http://www.ncddr.org/kt/products/focus/focus31/Focus31.pdf

Abrami, P. C., Borokhovski, E., Bernard, R.M., Wade, C. A., Tamim, R., Persson, T., Bethel, E.C., Hanz, K., & Surkes, M.A. (2010).  Issues in conducting and disseminating brief reviews. Evidence and Policy 6 (3), 71-389. http://dx.doi.org/10.1332/174426410X524866

Hasnain, R., Kondratowicz, D.M., Portillo, N., Borokhovski, E., Balcazar, F., Johnson, T., Gould, R., Bernard, R. M., & Hanz, K. (2009). The use of culturally adapted competency interventions to improve rehabilitation service outcomes for culturally diverse individuals with disabilities. A Campbell Collaboration Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.  Education Review Group, Disability Subgroup. http://www.ncddr.org/partners/subgroup/resources/hasnain_competency_inte...


Selected Presentations

Hanz, K. & Hervieux, S. (2019, May). Braving the wilderness: Using text analysis and encoding to teach students about literature reviews. Paper presented at the LOEX (Library Orientation Exchange) Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN, May 11, 2019. Duration: 60 minutes.

Hanz, K.& Kingsland, E. (2018, June). “Black, White, and Re(a)d”: How to Tell Real News from Malarkey.” Paper presented at the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) Conference, Ottawa, ON, June 6, 2018. Duration: 45 minutes.

Hanz, K. & Lange, J. (2016, May). Sprint into your library! Developing an online orientation game for students. Paper presented at the ABQLA Annual Conference, Montreal, QC, May 4, 2016. Duration: 30 minutes.

Hanz, K. & Lange, J. (2013, May). “Beyond the University Gates:  Effective Methods for Teaching Career-Oriented IL Skills to Students in Professional Programs.” Paper presented at the LOEX Annual Conference, Nashville, TN, May 3, 2013.  Duration: 60 minutes.

Hanz, K. & Lui, V. (2012, May). “Choose Your Own Teaching Adventure: A Resourceful Way to Balance Content Consistency with Teaching Styles in a Library Orientation Program.” Paper presented at the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) Conference, Edmonton, AB, May 24, 2012.  Duration: 45 minutes. 

Hanz, K. & Lange, J.  (2011, August). Letting students guide your IL workshop: Opening up the floor to student questions. Paper presented at the CREPUQ Forum CI/IL- 3e Demi-journée d'échanges à l'intention des  intervenants en formation documentaire. Université de Québec a Montréal (UQAM), Montréal, QC, August 25, 2011. Duration : 10 minutes.

Hanz, K., & Lange, J. (2011, May). “What they don't know can help you: Creating information sessions based on a pre-assessment of students' library knowledge.” Paper presented at the LOEX Annual Conference, Fort Worth, TX, May 7, 2011.  Duration: 60 minutes.

Lange, J., & Hanz, K. (2011, April). “What do university students want to know?: Re-evaluating information sessions based on an analysis of commonly-asked library questions.” Paper presented at the Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC), London, England, April 18, 2011.  Duration: 30 minutes.


Selected Professional Activities

Quebec Library Association (ABQLA)

  • Past President, 2019/current
  • President, 2018/2019
  • Vice President, 2017/2018
  • President, College & Research Section, 2016/ 2017
  • Vice President, College & Research Section, 2012/2013; 2015/2016
  • Member of the Awards Committee, 2014/current

Special Library Association (SLA)

  • Editor, Education Libraries, 2015/2018
  •  Board Member, Education Division, 2015/2018



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