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clara.turp [at] 514-398-6969

550 Sherbrooke West, West Tower
6th floor, suite 680
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1B9

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Discovery Systems Librarian

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As part of Digital Initiatives, I am involved in managing, configuring, and integrating selected library systems, including, but not limited to the Library's Discovery layers.


Research Interests

  • Linked Data

  • Ethical implications of Algorithms in libraries in Higher Education



  • McKinnon, D., Turp, C. (2022). “Are library vendors doing enough to protect user? A content analysis of major ILS privacy policies”. The journal of Academic Librarianship, 48(2). DOI: 10.1016/j.acalib.2022.102505

  • Desmeules, R., Turp, C., & Senior, A. (2020). “Exploring methods for linked data model evaluation.” Journal of Library Metadata, DOI: 10.1080/19386389.2020.1742434

  • Turp, C., Wilson, L., Pascoe, J. & Garnett, A. (2020). “The Fast and the FRDR”. Publications, DOI:

Selected Presentations

  • Sway, H. & Turp, C. (2021, March 22). It’s all about perspective! Rethinking how we work with an API-first mindset. Presentation at Code4Lib 2021, Online. Duration: 20 minutes.

  • Turp, C. & Kiester L. (2021, March 22). Ethics of AI algorithms: looking into PubMed’s “Best Match” Algorithm. Presentation at Code4Lib 2021, Online. Duration: 20 minutes.

  • Turp, C., Kiester, L., Sampson, M. (2020, November 20) New PubMed, the Good, the Bad, and the Missing. CHLA-ABSC Webinar. Duration: 1 hour.

  • Turp, C. (2020, March 10). Migrating clean data: Two stories from mess to success. Presentation at Code4lib 2020, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Duration: 15 minutes.

  • Garnett, A., Wilson, L., Turp, C. & Pascoe, J. (2019, June 11). The Fast and the FRDR. Presentation at Open Repositories 2019, Hamburg, Germany. Duration: 30 minutes.

  • Desmeules, R., Senior, A., Trudeau, C. & Turp, C. (2019, March 4). Investigating linked data for student newspapers: Exploring the challenges. ER&L 2019 Conference Short Talk, Austin Texas. Duration: 15 minutes.

  • Turp, C. (2019, February 21). Automating link management: When institutional infrastructure works against you. Presentation at Code4lib 2019, San José, California. Duration: 20 minutes


Professional Activities

  • Code4Lib Montreal (Since June 2018)
  • Portage, Data Discovery Expert Group (since February 202)

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