Exposition | La Collection Jacqueline Lambert-David de manuscrits voltairiens

19 Oct 2023
31 May 2024

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Un legs exceptionnel de manuscrits relatifs à Voltaire (1694-1778) comptant environ 290 documents a récemment été confié à McGill par Peter Lambert-David Southam. Bien que toutes les périodes de la carrière de Voltaire y soient représentées, cette collection vient notamment enrichir notre compréhension de la période pendant laquelle Voltaire vit au château de Ferney à partir de 1760. 

Book Display | Hearing Palestinian Literary Voices

9 Jan 2024
30 Jun 2024

This book display is an invitation to discover a variety of Palestinian authors.

Hearing Palestinian Literary Voices will run from January 9th to June 30th, 2024 in the Islamic Studies Library (1st floor of Morrice Hall), and is freely accessible during opening hours.

Exhibit | Ethel Stark, the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra, and the Preservation of Audio Heritage

1 Feb 2024 15:30
31 Jul 2024 18:00

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The Marvin Duchow Music Library’s new exhibit explores the professional achievements of Ethel Stark (1910-2012), a pioneering violinist and conductor who forged new paths for women with the creation of the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra (1940-1965), as well as the role libraries and archives play in preserving audio heritage.

Exhibit | What’s in the Cards? The art of play and games in the McGill Library Collections

1 Mar 2024 10:00
31 May 2024 17:00

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Enjoy the art of play in this selection of games from the McGill Collections.

Games can unite players or divide them. They can build common interest, edify, and entertain. Early tabletop and card games often provided ways to play your way to learning. Whether educational, moral, or purely for entertainment, games provide a rich history of design, artwork, and typography.

Nuit Blanche 2024 | De-Stress + Sketch with McGill University's Visual Arts Collection / Dessin + détente avec la collection d'arts visuels de Université McGill

2 Mar 2024 19:00

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As part of Nuit Blanche 2024, McGill Visual Arts Collection invites participants to our Visible Storage Gallery after hours for an evening of sketching!

Hybrid event | Menu Matters - De l’importance des menus

13 Mar 2024 12:00

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Join us for an appetizing exploration of why menus matter and the stories they tell us today.

We will come to menus belatedly, after the dishes have been washed up, so to speak. So in her exploration of ways in which menus matter, Prof. Nathalie Cooke keeps at least two audiences in mind: diners of the menus’ moment and we who look at menus from distances spanning years, even continents and linguistic divides.

Thou Hast Need of Them: Historical Minorities in the Faculty of Medicine

26 Mar 2024 14:00

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