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Exhibit | Capturing the intangible: the story of music notation

27 Jan 2022
1 Jun 2022

From Babylonian cuneiform tablature to experimental graphic notation, musicians have continuously invented new ways of representing sound in a visual medium. Each form of notation captures different aspects of music and engages with the work in diverse ways - as a mnemonic device, as a strict surrogate, or even as a playful companion.

Exhibit | Food for Thought: Riddles and Riddling Ways

1 Feb 2022 09:00
30 Jun 2022 18:00

Explore different mealtime riddle practices in this curated exhibition of items from McGill’s Collections and beyond, and the way games, puzzles and play both educate and entertain.

Exhibit | Faculty of Law: stories and snippets

15 Feb 2022
1 Aug 2022

In honour of McGill University's bicentennial anniversary, the Nahum Gelber Law Library presents a new exhibition, Faculty of Law: stories and snippets. 

Magnifying the Royce Gale Miniature Book Collection

19 May 2022 16:00

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Join ROAAr and special guest Kristen Howard for some tiny looks at tiny books. Miniature books – books measuring at less than 3” in length or width – have fascinated collectors for hundreds of years. This enduring fascination is in part due to their beauty, the challenges of their production, and their sheer curiosity value.

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Exhibit | Enterprises of the Human Spirit: 50 Years of Scientific Excellence in Germany and Canada

24 May 2022 12:00
3 Jun 2022 12:00

Defining Moments Canada/Moments Déterminants Canada (DMC), a heritage education organization, with the support of the German Embassy, has partnered with McGill University to present the travelling exhibition Enterprises of the Human Spirit: 50 Years of Scientific Excellence in Germany and Canada.

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