Renovations: Redpath Library Building, main floor washrooms

Published: 14 May 2015

Thanks to the generous support of our undergraduate student SSMU Library Improvement Fund, McGill Library & Archives is pleased to report that the long overdue expansion of the washrooms on the main floor of the Redpath Library Building is about to begin!

The Redpath Washroom Project team, made up of Facilities experts, Library staff and SSMU student representatives, has been meeting on a regular basis since August 2014. Starting in May 2015 the women’s and men’s washrooms located on the main floor of the Redpath Library Building will be dramatically expanded to 14 stalls and 6 stalls respectively. A gender neutral washroom will be added. The washrooms will be expanded into the former Redpath “printing/photocopier room”. The project will affect the entire Redpath Library Building (see details below).

Important note: A beam in the ceiling will be cleaned through an asbestos abatement procedure. Removal experts have been contracted to handle this procedure. The cleaning schedule will be posted once dates have been confirmed. Please see the pdf leaflet for general information regarding asbestos abatement procedures at McGill.

Proposed  Schedule (subject to change)

Tuesday, May 19 to Thursday, May 21 - Prepare area

  • Close Redpath main floor washrooms and Accessible Media Room.
  • Remove lockers.
  • Relocate printers and photocopiers to Redpath Group Zone area to meet user needs.
  • Close banquette section in Cyberthèque (street level).
  • A training room in the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) on the street level in OSD office will be temporarily unavailable.

Friday, May 22 to Tuesday, June 30 - Demolition

Wednesday, July 1 to Monday, September 14 - Construction

Tuesday, September 15 to Wednesday, September 30 - Cleanup period

Impact on students & staff

  • The project will be noisy and disruptive throughout the summer months, especially during the demolition and heavy reconstruction period.
  • Students are asked to use washrooms in McLennan basement and Redpath (ground floor) near the Première Moisson.
  • The stairwell to the Redpath basement will continue to be accessible.
  • McGill Library’s Planning and Resources unit will work with supervisors in the affected units to relocate Library staff members to quieter workstations if need be.
  • McGill Library’s Planning and Resources unit will work with Facilities to minimize disruptions.
  • Signage created to redirect library users.

Please check this announcement often for updates. 

Questions? Please contact reno.library [at]

For more information on gender neutral washrooms at McGill:

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