New @ McGill Library: One Button Studio!

Large silver button with a sign next to it that says in French and English "Press button to start and stop recording".
One Button Studio with black out covers over the windows, carpet, computer screens and a camera hanging from the ceiling.
Screen with the words "Welcome to the One Button Studio" in white on blue. With a camera and microphone in the foreground.
Screen and camera/ microphone hanging from ceiling in middle of One Button Studio.
Close-up of camera and microphone.
Screen with McGill Library logo and words in French and English "Remove your usb drive when finished your recording".
Grey door closed with red light on over it.
Published: 4 November 2021

McGill Library’s Innovation Commons is happy to announce the launch of its One Button Studio!

About the One Button Studio

The studio, located in Innovation Commons Room B (Redpath, main floor), provides a soundproofed space and equipment for recording audio and video presentations. Equipment includes a high-definition camera, boom microphone, and professional lighting. Best of all, it’s designed so that you don’t require any technical knowledge to make use of it – all you need are a USB drive and your presentation skills!

Using the One Button Studio

To use the studio, you must first make a booking with your McGill email address using the online booking system. When you arrive, an Innovation Commons Student Assistant will let you into the studio. Simply put your USB drive in the slot, wait for the prompt, then press the button to start recording; press it again to stop, wait for the prompt, and then remove the drive. You’re done! And all with just one button – wow!

More information about the One Button Studio

For more information about the One Button Studio, you can visit its page on the library website, stop by the Innovation Commons Room B to talk to one of the assistants, or reach out to david.greene [at] (David Greene), the Innovation Commons Coordinator.

We thank the SSMU Library Improvement Fund for their generous support of this initiative.

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