Coming soon: The McGill Library Orientation Game | Raising Spirits: a Timely Diversion


Published: 12Aug2020

The McGill library is offering an innovative activity to welcome new, current, and former McGillians back to campus, even if only in spirit. We hope to draw everyone back from afar with the aid of their computers: to entice them with the comfort of beloved spaces, the feel of delving into the library’s vast collections, and the irresistible pull of a mystery.

This experience takes the form of a game, in keeping with the library’s exploration of Serious Play. The game moves seamlessly from historical moments, objects, and characters to our current virtual world. It sets players on a journey across time and digital space in a series of multimedia puzzles that doubly reveal and obscure, leading players into a mystery interwoven with McGill’s past, present, and future.

Presented with a curated Spotify playlist and a Discord channel where players can gather, discuss, and potentially commiserate on challenging puzzles and an experience unlike any other, this timely diversion is sure to raise some spirits!

Update: The game is now afoot!

Play now!


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