Catalogue Migration Reminder | Save personal lists and loan history before April 29, 2019


Published: 5Apr2019

McGill Library will be moving towards a single library catalogue May 1, 2019. As a result of this single system implementation to WorldCat Discovery, users’ personal loan histories and personal lists will not be migrated. If you wish to wish to retain loan histories and lists, please follow the following instructions: 

Loan history

To do before April 29, 2019: The Classic Catalogue will no longer be available as of April 29, 2019 and users’ circulation history from the classic catalogue will not be carried over into the new system. Users who wish to preserve their loan history will need to print this information from their Library account before April 29, 2019.

To do before April 29 , 2019: The Classic Catalogue will no longer be available as of April 29, 2019 and users’ My Records folders from the Classic Catalogue will not be carried over into the new system. Users who wish to preserve their folders should sign-in and Save/Mail each folder or export each folder to their EndNote library.

Personal lists

To do between May 2, 2019 and July 31, 2019: Users who have created personal lists in WorldCat Local will need to migrate their lists, one at a time to WorldCat Discovery before July 31st, 2019. Each list must be downloaded from WorldCat Local and then uploaded to create a new list on WorldCat Discovery. The information that users may have added to the notes field does not transfer in this process.

Personal lists can only be migrated after May 1st, 2019, when users’ individual sign-ins to WorldCat Discovery will be active. Once signed-in to WorldCat Discovery, the steps for migrating personal lists can be found under “Import My List”.

To download your personal list from WorldCat Local:

  1. Login to WorldCat Local to view your lists.
  2. Select the list that you want to download.
  3. At the top of the list, click the Export to CSV link.
  4. Save the file where you can find it later.


To import your personal list to WorldCat Discovery:

  1. Sign-in to WorldCat Discovery.
  2. Click your account name to display a drop-down list and select Import My Lists.
  3. Provide a List Name (required) and List Description (optional).
  4. Click Choose File to locate the file to be imported.
  5. Click Import List to begin the import process.


Lists in WorldCat Discovery are limited to 100 items per list. When imported, the list will be broken down into multiple lists with 100 or fewer items each. All the lists will have progressive numeric list names. For example, if there are 375 items on a list and you import it with list name “Literature”. After importing there will be 4 lists with the names – Literature 1, Literature 2, Literature 3 and Literature 4. To view your lists in WorldCat Discovery, click on your library drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select My Personal Lists.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this system upgrade - it is unfortunately unavoidable in this type of major system upgrade.

For assistance with any of these procedures, do not hesitate to contact your liaison librarian.

For more information on McGill’s move towards a single catalogue via WorldCat Discovery, click here.

Questions? Contact us at discovery.library [at]



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