Eamon Duffy
Head of Liaison Services
eamon.duffy [at] (email) | 514-398-4698

Svetlana Kochkina
Head of Lending and Access Services
svetlana.kochkina [at] (email) | 514-398-7224

Sharon Rankin
Liaison Librarian for Education
sharon.rankin [at] (email) | 514-398-6657

Veronica Bergsten
Liaison Librarian for Kinesiology and Physical Education
veronica.bergsten [at] (email) | 514-398-4700

Emily Kingsland
Liaison Librarian for Educational and Counselling Psychology
emily.kingsland [at] (email) | 514-398-4782

Fay Young
Senior Library Clerk
fay.young [at] (email) | 514-398-5726

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