Svetlana Kochkina

Svetlana Kochkina

Svetlana.Kochkina [at] (514) 398-7224

Redpath Library Building, 2nd Floor
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec, H3A OC9


  • Copyright

Current position

Acting Head, Office of Copyright Compliance


  • PhD candidate, School of Information Studies, McGill University (in progress)
  • MLIS, McGill University
  • MA, BA, Saint-Petersburg State University

Areas of research interest

  • Practice of academic librarianship
  • History of the book
  • Digital humanities

Selected publications

Book history

Kochkina, S. (2018) Kochkina, S.  (2018). Dressed for success?: Paratext in the English edition of Le capital au XXIe siècle. Logos, 29(1), 28-37.

Kochkina, S. (2016). Listening to the dead with our eyes: François Olivier-Martin’s library, a mirror image of a legal historian. Library & Information History, 32(3), 203-218.

Kochkina, S. (2014). Thomas Mussen collection. In J. Tomm (Ed.), Meetings with Books. Montreal: McGill University Press, 154-155.

Kochkina, S. (2014). Wainwright collection. In J. Tomm (Ed.), Meetings with Books. Montreal: McGill University Press, 212-213.

Kochkina, S. (2013). Discovering a ‘hidden’ collection: Early printed books and old master prints in the McGill Library collected by T.W. Mussen. Fontanus, 13, 25-32.

Practice of librarianship/ Information studies

Kochkina, S., & Mawhinney, T. (2018) Is the medium the message?: Examining texting, email, and chat transcripts in a large academic library. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning.

Kochkina, S. (2018) Teaching Legal Research and Government/Legal Information: Yes, We Do It, But How? Canadian Law Library Review, 43(3), 9-17.

Cote, M., Kochkina, S., & Mawhinney, T. (2016). Do you want to chat?: Re-evaluating organization of virtual reference service at an academic library. Reference and User Services Quarterly, 56(1), 36-46. 

Menard, E. et al. (2016). A second life for TIIARA: From bilingual to multilingual! Knowledge Organization, 43(1), 22-35. 

Kochkina, S. (2013). Methods of selection and acquisition of European French monographs in an academic law library. Collection Management, 38(2), 104-118.

Selected presentations

Kochkina, S. Publishing Evelina, or how to sell 180 editions of the same (old) novel? Public lecture, Montreal Book History Group (under the auspices of SHARP), Montreal, QC, January 25th, 2018. Duration: 90 min.

Kochkina, S. Paratext as a marketing and promotion technology: Publication history of F. Burney’s Evelina. Paper presented at the SHARP Conference, Victoria, BC, June 10th, 2017. Duration: 30 min.

Kochkina, S. Evolution through translation: Exploring paratextual elements of French and English editions of “Capital in the 21st century.” Paper presented at the SHARP Conference, Montreal, QC, July 9th, 2015. Duration: 15 min.

Kochkina, S. Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are: Personal research library as a mirror image of a controversial legal historian. Public lecture, Montreal Book History Group (under the auspices of SHARP), Montreal, QC, October 21st, 2015. Duration: 90 min.

Kochkina, S. Library of a legal scholar: In search of lost boundaries. Paper presented at the CASBC Conference, St. Catharines, ON, May 27th, 2014. Duration: 20 min.

Dysert, A., Garland, J., & Kochkina, S. Anatomy theaters, legal dramas, and landscape staging: Unexpected performances in special collections. Paper presented at the RBMS Conference, Minneapolis, MN, June 28th, 2013. Duration of the session: 90 min., duration of my presentation: 20 min.


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