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Libraries today operate in a huge and complex “infosphere”. The Library takes as its motto: Information, Innovation, Service, to demonstrate its commitment to the delivery of innovative information products, services and programs of the highest quality that are focused on client needs and support the University's strategic mission and directions. Learner-centred teaching, problem-based learning, academic demands for vast ranges of research material, global perspectives on knowledge creation and dissemination, interdisciplinary study, cultural diversity, rapid technological changes and the service demands of an articulate net generation set challenges for appropriate information service delivery. Ideas and concepts change; generations of students gain knowledge and graduate; new courses replace old; buildings flourish and deteriorate; technologies undergo metamorphosis; teaching and support staff come and go… BUT the Library’s collections, both real and virtual, remain. They have been enriched over the years and constitute the knowledge and wisdom of the ages.

We pride ourselves on the range and quality of the collections and services we provide to the McGill community. We seek to ensure an active learning and research space for all. We are the locus of student life and learning and ensure access to research outputs in all disciplines and areas of knowledge. We also seek to ensure ease of use, convenience and availability of help and assistance to you in your search for knowledge as well as to provide quality and trustworthy information. Classes are provided to help; subject guides on our website guide you to appropriate resources; answers are provided by our friendly competent staff – in person, and online; links are made to online learning resources; and outstanding collections in print and online support your learning and research journeys. We are grateful to supporters and donors who help improve our collections and facilities and make our services possible.

Our staff are keen to engage with you and to ensure your experiences at McGill are vital and vibrant; fruitful and fun; scholarly and successful. Check out our website. Come into one of our branch libraries. Feel free to make any suggestions for improvements to our services.

C. Colleen Cook, PhD
Trenholme Dean of Libraries

Mission statement

McGill University Library advances teaching, learning, research and community service by providing outstanding collections, access to the world of knowledge, excellence in service and an appropriate library environment, all of which are client-focused and responsive to the needs of the McGill community.

The Library

  • Facilitates excellence in teaching, learning and research
  • Creates an appropriate environment to support teaching, learning and research
  • Anticipates and responds to student and faculty needs
  • Contributes to positive student and faculty outcomes and experiences
  • Provides the information resource infrastructure necessary for leading edge teaching, learning and research activity
  • Supports community outreach and community partnerships

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