Staff and student versions of It Takes All of Us will be available in myCourses

Published: 14 December 2022

An updated version of It Takes All of Us for all students, staff, and faculty will be live and available in myCourses as of January 30, 2023. More details:

A collaboration between the Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education (OSVRSE) and Teaching and Learning Services (TLS), this new version of the training includes several improvements that respond to feedback received since the launch of the original training in Fall 2019, as well as technical changes that enhance the overall learning experience. Based on Concordia University’s “It Takes All of Us – Creating a Campus Community Free of Sexual Violence”, this new version is a complete refresh of the original.

Some important details to note:

· All members of the McGill community—staff, faculty, students—will be required to take the new version of the program as per the legal provisions mandated in Quebec Law P-22.1.

· This new completion requirement will apply regardless of your completion status of the original version of It Takes All of Us (either at McGill or another institution).

· The new version of It Takes All of Us is now a single course and there will no longer be separate staff and student versions.

More information detailing the full suite of updates to the training, enrollment process, and completion expectations will be communicated at the start of the Winter 2023 term. In the meantime, any questions can be directed to osvrse [at]

Thank you for your patience as we continue striving to increase awareness of sexual violence, to ensure that our campus culture is based on respect and consent, and to help create a community free of sexual violence.

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