Bitcoin extortion email scam - contact IT Service Desk

Published: 15Nov2018

Watch out for emails that claim they have stolen your password and hacked into your your computer to "watch" you and record your data. They typically threaten to send videos of you watching porn to...

RESOLVED: Network flood at McConnell Engineering - no network connectivity

Published: 6Nov2018

Resolution: The affected network component was isolated and the connectivity issues have been resolved in the building....

McGill wireless & VPN unavailable Nov. 6 at 4am


Due to a system upgrade, the wireless service will be unavailable on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 starting at 4am for approximately 20 minutes./itCategory: IT Scheduled Maintenance

Phishing scam: "ORDER CONFIRMED"

Published: 30Oct2018

There is a new phishing scam to watch out for entitled "ORDER CONFIRMED" with a fraudulent link to DOWNLOAD RECEIPT. View a screenshot of the message below.

IT Services provides free WiFi for guests during Homecoming

Published: 2Oct2018

McGill IT Services will provide free guest WiFi service for family and friends visiting our campus during Homecoming weekend, starting on Thursday, October 11 and running through Sunday, October 14...

RESOLVED: WMS features requiring search are failing to show results

Published: 21Sep2018

Servers were overloaded so syncing was removed to reduce timeouts and errors. All search functions are back to normal....

RESOLVED: Data Warehouse is now refreshed

Published: 21Sep2018

The Data Warehouse has been refreshed. Reports are now up-to-date....

Multiple phishing scams: Various subject lines, including “Update your Office 365 now to Avoid Fraudulent Act”

Published: 31Aug2018

At this time of year, McGill faces an increased level of phishing attacks targeting our community. It is important to be vigilant of hacking attempts....