ELATE Scholar Award

This award supports outstanding engineering education research efforts of dedicated scholars, that contribute to the ELATE initiative’s strategic goals of advancing the field of engineering education research and promoting the use of evidence-based practices in teaching and learning.  

2022 Recipients:

Professor Daniele Malomo, Department of Civil Engineering 

Project: Evidence-informed and community-based undergraduate engineering education for the new post-pandemic normal

Dr. Malomo’s project will use an exploratory and community-based approach to understand which teaching strategies utilized or abandoned during the COVID-19 pandemic will be most successful in the engineering education post-pandemic context. “This exploratory research aims to address these questions by taking a community-based approach, where qualitative and quantitative analyses are combined to provide practical solutions tailored to the needs and goals of McGill’s instructors. Seeking answers locally in the already exceptionally diverse McGill reality is crucial – sociocultural aspects significantly affect behavioural responses and adaptation trends, while engineering disciplines and education have unique traits, calling for presently missing faculty-specific studies.”


Lawrence ChenProfessor Lawrence Chen, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 

Project: Understanding engineering identity in students and faculty and its impacts on teaching and learning

Dr. Chen’s research project will explore engineering identity among students and faculty members, and how engineering identity in turn influences teaching and learning. "In this research program, we will explore the notion of engineering identity for both students and faculty, and its impact on teaching and learning. Regarding student identity, research will include developing: 1. instructional strategies for use in the different types of courses, 2. tools for measuring changes in student perceptions on engineering identity, student persistence, retention, and success, and learning gains, and 3. processes for analyzing student persistence, retention, and success. To examine instructor identity, research will require: performing a literature survey and meta-analysis of the factors that determine academic, teaching, and engineering identity, and developing and conducting surveys and questionnaires to determine the role of identity in influencing the use of effective teaching practices."



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