Undergraduate Lab Projects

At the undergraduate level industrially oriented projects are usually done as part of course requirements for the program. The typical duration of such projects is three and a half months and the cost is normally below $1,500. A student report and demonstration are usually produced.

Research Grants for Master's and PhD Projects

At the graduate level, some supervisors are willing to consider projects financed by industry. The typical duration is 18 to 24 months for a Master's project and three to four years for a PhD project. Annual cost is approximately $20,000 for the graduate student salary and $5,000 for materials and services. These costs can have a small variation from department to department. These projects do not have required deliverables and allow the professor and graduate student to explore more fundamental research areas.

Contact Information

Agapi Agapitos Research Grant Administrator
Tel.: 514-398-1715 or Agapi.Agapitos [at] (Email)





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